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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Slacking on LDSHS-knocking out T4L

well We are waiting for LDSHS to send us our actual books. My computer is a mess from all the downloads they. sent us. they changed the lesson numbers and the activity sheet numbers so I am just going to wait for the arrival for the actual books. I had everything sorted nice and neat by lessons in there own folders and then added the new downloads in the same folder thinking they are the same and they are not. since I put all my outsource materials in there too its made it just time consuming to fix.

So instead we have been doing Time4learning while waiting for materials to arrive. The bad part of this is the lessons are different than what I had planned to put on my ILP. I do not plan to change my ILP because I still plan to teach the other subjects. The good news is, if my daughter does two stars ( or new lessons) a day in each subject we can take the entire month of December off and still finish in March.
Is it a bad thing I find out she did 5 or more lessons in a subject? I love that she did them. I just really wished she realized mommy would like time on the comp to plan other lessons.

The whole computer thing got solved today though. WHOOO HOOO!!! We got a laptop with our funding and it came in today. I 'm actually using it now because I am testing out after setting parts of it up. That has a small kink too. the cord that came in the box was damaged. sally, The IDEA Rep., let me use her tonight and tomorrow plan to the whole switcheroo. I want to get stuff bookmarked and ready so not to waste time. My daughter, She does enough of that with snacking. That's going to break her heart that unlike with my computer where I have the tower placed up higher hoping to not get spills on it so she could snack ( not that I wanted her too it was just a rule I kept breaking so could not ask her to follow it)she will not be able to eat or drink with the laptop at all. maybe we will work it out she will use the comp till she is done then we will switch because I have to have a mouse. I copy and paste everything since I am a linker.

Went officially to my first PAC meeting today. Some great things came up that taught me tons of new things. High schoolers are suppose to look at transcripts after grades and make sure everything is correct. its really hard to fix items from freshman year when you are suppose to be a senior but no college wants you for lack of credits or subjects. pretty sweet lets see a public school provide that service quarterly. well actually most do now that they went to the internet grading thing for parent viewing I am sure.

We also have been assigned a teacher too. Sally told me who it was and I would recognize it from a name thing, so I need to go one and drill the name into my head.

Now if I just need to figure out why this laptop will not sign into the IDEA webpage. I was all excited I could do my IEP electronically now that I have the programs to do it and I'll be tootin if that thing did not sign in to allow me to save it to the laptop. :(. Sheesh. This ILP and I if it existed somewhere in a body it would get a real stern talking too. even my paper copies grew legs and ran somewhere even though I kept it in a special folder. the folder has other stuff in there but the ILP turned invisible or something. I will eventually have so many filled out it will not be able to hide anymore. "Hey ILP peek-a-boo is for babies come out and play fair!"

I filled that thing out so many times its should be easy. If I just could do it electronically.
So between tons of field trips ( PE Excursions) like botanical gardens, compassionate service cleaning and babysitting and library events. She has been doing T4L and that is why my weeks of new subjects have not been up. Our books should be getting mailed sometime in the next week or so I hope since they did an actual pick up of them In Utah from the sponsoring school. then we should be able to get back to work on the LDSHS stuff. To me its more fun because I am learning that stuff that too.
Well my turtle is giving me dirty looks and is trying to hide in a dark corner which means he is telling me to turn out the lights already and go to bed. The poor guy. I wish his habitat were bigger so I could put a bigger box in there for a dark spot. its too big to cover at night. anyways blah blah we all need to get to bed and get on a schedule. Tomorrow the neighbors have there first day of school and will be making lots of noise really early in the morning.

History week

Noah and the ark- She learned it in church and its discussed everytime a baby section is passed.
The tower of Bethel

Egyptian Senet game:

papyrus imitation

Did writing her name in Lap book for Story of the world in hieroglyphics.
Filmed daughter practicing the mummification process on her doll. I noticed that a prescription label was showing in to high of detail to post on the internet. So you will have to know me personally on facebook to view it. Sorry folks it turned out real cute too and my daughter was super funny.