Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Changes for Molly #6 A winter story



1940's photo albums
as extra research these pics. What happened here during the war?

What were all the changes that happened to Molly?
What happened that made Molly realize she did not have to worry about changing?
What was Molly idea of being sophisticated?

Sunday, March 1, 2015

What I am thinking about doing for 5th grade HS for 15-16

Next month is Alaskas big month for Homeschool curriculum fairs. I like to plan ahead so not to spend my money on a bunch of stuff we will never use or do. I try to find as many free resources as I can then I will pay for the supplements. My past teacher had an issue with it telling me she will see if its allowed. I now have changed Teachers and have one that has been in the program for awhile and I think as long as I keep her informed and she sees its well documented and really is a plan will be fine with it.

Language arts/Reading:





Follow Brook Simmons's board ED: Human Body/Anatomy/physiology on Pinterest.


Kumon math workbooks

I am not yet sure on what I want to do here. I really am enjoying our American girl unit studies but they will be due back before the end of the year. We have not made it past the first one because my daughter keeps expanding on it. I will be looking at the curr fair to see if I can find more unit studies like this to continue combining lit and hist. If I do I will change to that.

Thinking American History and geography- Build our Nation.

update thoughts:


Ok looked over Easypeasy a little more its not that their curriculum is not good we just covered most of it when we did zoology 2 years ago.
I will make my won curriculum using everyone else's  of the human body. This will also tie into Health and Family consumer science ( home economics)

Language Arts/History/FACS:

We will be using books from project Gutenberg. we will compare the past to the present.
A little housekeeping for a little girl
School and home cooking
A thousand ways to please a husband
Gardening for little girls
Handbook of etiquette
Adventures among the doll people
and more.....


dropping the IXL my daughter like Khan better and they are both supplementary anyway.


Scripture Masteries

Crying wolf- The Moms view

I seriously think a man wrote the fable of crying wolf. I don't know because I did not actually look it up but here is why I assume so.

 Even though it clearly states the lesson was not to continue to lie or people will stop believing you when its real.
but here is what a mom hears: OH MY listen to my child every single time because this time it could be truth.
or we hear. Ok I know my husband never forgot to pick up the kids before but if I do not remind him this one time, it will be the time he forgets.
Do not ask me how a mom goes from lying to forgetting, but we do it just happens, and it makes perfect sense to us.

So my moral to this is Never write a moral we make up our own see another in it anyway, but do keep sharing them or make up your own.

Have you ever heard a completely different lesson from moral story?