Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Long Vowel Sound AIn

This is my daughters homework she made this page for me.


pain, strain, and sprain


Saturday, February 6, 2016

Sojourner Truth

(1797- 1883)
by Molly MacGregor
   Do you feel afraid when people yell at you? Do You get angry when people are mean to you? This story is about a woman who was u slave.People were often very mean to her. Because she was a slave no one could help her, not even her parents. She could be bought or sold, just like a farm animal. This story is about how she became a free person.Most importantly, it is about what she did as a free person.

  When she was born she was named Isabella Bomefree. Everybody Called her Belle. When she was a little girl, she had to work taking care of the cows and sheep and carrying a lot of heavy firewood. The winter's where she lived were very cold. Belle had nothing to wear but a thin,shabby dress and a pair of worn out shoes. Her Owner beat her fiercely if she didn't work hard enough or fast enough. Wouldn't that be awful?

  To make her feel better, her mother sang African songs to her.These songs were about the place they had come from and a time when her family had not been slaves. When Belle Was sad or lonely, she sang these to herself. The songs made her feel stronger. They made her feel almost like her mother was there to help her.

    One day, the slave owner died. Belle's family had no rights. They Could all be sold to different people. Everyone was afraid because they did not know what might happen to them. Then the news came. Her Mother and father were to be given their freedom, but Belle was to be sold. She was only 9 years old!

Belle was so afraid. She was afraid she would never get to see her mother and father again. She was sold from the auction block for $100
and a flock of sheep. There wasn't anything her parents could do to protect her. They were powerless and terribly sad.

   When Belle was grown, she married another slave whose name wasTom. She had children of her own. Two of her little girls were sold away from her as slaves. Belle knew just how terrible her own parents had felt when she was sold. With the help of some white friends she was finally able to keep two of her own children with her.

   When Belle was 30 years old, the state she lived in passed a new law. The law said that nobody who lived in the state could own slaves.Nobody! Belle was a free woman at last! She still had to earn a living,but nobody else owned her.

   As Belle grew older, she knew that being free was not enough. She Remembered how powerless her mother and father had felt. She Remembered not being able to protect her own children. She decided that because she was free she could now do the work she wanted to do. Shewould help free the Black people who were still slaves. She would encourage people to take action and not be afraid to speak out for fairness. She would encourage people to feel powerful, not helpless.

      For her new life she chose a new name, SoJourner Truth. She picked
"Sojourner" because it meant traveler, and "Truth" because she wanted always to tell the truth. Now she was going to travel and tell the truth about slavery and about laws that weren't fair.

   Many white people did not know how awful it was to be a slave.Sojourner traveled all over the East telling her story of great sadness and suffering. She stood six feet tall and spoke with a booming voice. She Was an excellent speaker. People traveled many miles to hear what she  had to say. They told her she should write a book about being a slave.
Sojourner decided to do just that. She was sure that once white people knew how terrible it was to be a slave, they would change the laws.

Things did start to change, but some people still wanted to own slaves. Slave owners in the South went to war rather than change the laws. When the war was over, new laws were passed that said nobody in our country could own slaves. At last, Black people in every single state were free! Freedom was very important, but Black people found that they were still not treated fairly. Jobs were not easy to get. They were paid little money for the work they did. They wanted to be treated like free people.

Sojourner continued to speak out to encourage people to work to make all of the laws more Fair. She did this with her actions as well as with her words. Once, when she was riding a streetcar to go across town, the conductor told her to get off the Street car. "I don't allow Black
people to ride When I'm the conductor!" he said. Sojourner refused to get off. "I have a right to ride this street car. It is the law and I am not getting off," she said. The conductor was so angry that he shoved and pushed Sojourner. Her shoulder was hurt badly and she had to go to the hospital. After a doctor had taken care of her, she told the police what had happened. The conductor who had broken the law lost his job.Sojourner wanted the streetcar conductor and everybody else to know that Black people had the right to ride on streetcars, just like other free people in this country.

Sojourner Truth spent many, many years of her life working to make the United States a fairer place for all people to live. She helped people no matter what color their skin was or whether they were women or men. Many people today are still working for fairness, too. I think they would like to know this story about Sojourner Truth, don't you?

Sojourner Truth (1797 - 1883), a former slave, who courageously worked against slavery. She travelled throughout the country speaking for equal protection under the law for all people.
Prepare the name plates coloring pages. Before beginning the story, place the nameplate "Belle" on the flannel board. While reading the biography to the children, place the appropriate figures on the board at the underlined points in the story, matching their number in the left margin with the number on the figure.
Recall Questions:
1. What happened when Belle's slave owner died?
2. How did Belle become a free woman?
3. What new name did Belle choose for herself? Why?
Discussion Questions:
1. How did white people learn what it was like to be a slave?
2. Ask students if they think it was hard for Sojourner Truth to change her life, travelling to tell people about slavery and unfair laws? Why?
1. Have the students retell the story in their own words. While the children are talking, point to appropriate coloring pages
2. Reproduce the coloring page figure of Sojourner as an adult for each child to color. The children's completed pictures can be made. into a mural to which vocabulary words can be added later.
3. Write vocabulary v.urds on colored strips of paper. Discuss the meaning of the words: "SLAVE,""OWNER," "AUCTION BLOCK," "FREEDOM," and "SPEAKER." Intersperse the words with the children's colored pictures. If a more diverse mural is desired, have children color copies of other coloring page figures to add. Vocabulary words can be placed near the appropriate figures on the mural.
4. Have students color a copy of the coloring page of Sojourner Truth when she was an older woman. Provide each with a popsicle stick to pare to the back of the picture, to make a puppet using the newly constructed puppets, have the students pretend they are Sojourner Truth. Have them give a very brief speech about the things Sojourner Truth felt were important for people to know.


Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Rosa Parks

See police documents to Rosa's arrest and Teaching guide

Just search -Rosas parks activities -to find many more

Creating your own curriculum for Women Heroes

Ok In my research I found there are hundreds of women who meet my criteria for being a woman Hero. Some are Ancestral, Historical, Religion based, Some are Everyday people.

I need to figure out how I am going to fill my school year and narrow down these ladies. Do I let my daughter choose? If I can't narrow them down I know it would be overwhelming for her to do it.

Now I will be honest Yesterday I ordered some Biblical scripture Heroes for girls along with a couple books.

That is going to be my childs biblical studies and I will fill it in with things from my church youth websites and from a womens blog I enjoy very much she has some study guides as well I want to purchase for myself someday.

Here are the names I decided to start out with and I think would be easy to find material for all ages.
This would be enough for one woman a week for an entire year with a lot of give. They were mentioned more than once on several websites for kids. I know some of them had adult lives but I am going to focus on their positive aspects not their bad choices because we all make mistakes. If my daughter learns of their bad choices that is what I will tell her too and point out if it was their downfall as well.

  1. Abigail Adams
  2. Jane Addams
  3. Susan B Anthony
  4. Clara Barton
  5. Ruby Bridges
  6. Marie Curie
  7. Cleopatra
  8. Princess Dianna
  9. Dorthea Dix
  10. Queen Elizabeth
  11. Amelia Earhart
  12. Anne Frank
  13. Jane Goodall
  14. Joan of Arc
  15. Calamity Jane
  16. Helen Keller
  17. Anna Mary Robertson Moses
  18. Anne Sullivan Macy
  19. Rosa Parks
  20. Pocohantas
  21. Molly Pitcher
  22. Elenor Roosevelt
  23. Sally Ride
  24. Harriet Beecher Stowe
  25. Martha Stewart
  26. Elizabeth Cody Stanton
  27. Sacagawea
  28. Margaret Thatcher
  29. Harriet Tubman
  30. Maria Tallchief
  31. Mother Teresa
  32. Sojourner Truth
  33. Queen Victoria
  34. Oprah Winfrey
  35. Empress Wu
  36. Mary Edwards Walker
  37. Ida B Wells
  38. Martha Washington
  39. Nancy Ward
  40. Emmeline Blanche Woodward Wells
  41. Ellen G White
  42. Victoria Claflin Woodhall
  43. Mom
  44. Grandma's

1.Make a timeline
2.have your child draw or photoshop a picture of themselves being a superhero.Please let your child be a princess pirate ninja riding unicorn master if they want to be. :)
3.have child draw their female superhero.
4. make journal or flashcards on the women of their choices.
5. read books that tell the Heroines story.
6 write what contributes to the Young women Values that the lady Hero had.
Might be a good idea to learn what each of the words mean and how they apply in your lives.
Work sheets I found in Archives that I cleaned up and shared. Mostly coloring pages so far.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Its that time of year to start thinking about the next school year for homeschool moms

As you know I list what I am thinking about studying the next school year. It's never settled till the end.
This year I feel I need to focus on strengthening Gender roles. I have a daughter so sorry for you moms who have boys. However just remember for everything I post there usually near by is the same thing for opposite gender as well

My theme this coming year is Real Live Super Heroes

Here is my break down

Math: A consumable workbook Like Kumon math or some other workbook of sorts. I really loved the saxon math workbook and hope to find the next one.
I am also thinking about maybe going back to or IXL and we love Khan Academy

Language Arts:I have no idea what to do for language arts my daughter hates it with a passion so it changes every year. This is the reason why T4L is a big consideration.
LA reading: will be on women who are examples in history or little women. Thinking about the Christian Heroes series. THe lighthouse series of 10 little girls and women heroes in war and  any famous women who showed virtuous talents with decorum.
Science: to be honest I did not really want to study actual science this year. My daughter will hate me because it's her most favorite subject. I wanted to study women in science but if my contact teacher says uhh no my backup plan is Sally Ride Stem Science program(maybe).

Social studies: Here is the thing I really want to do women Heroes for history but I also found this awesome Geography thing by if I do highlights it's going to be a very expensive school year I will do earth science to tie into the geography.
So I might keep my women heroes strictly scriptural studies.
So Scripture study: Women in scriptures. I found some amazing books I want to order. since they are scriptural I guess I could buy them now since the school will not pay for them.
Tech: is blank but I am writing it in because Sally ride would cover it if I do it and hey extra grades can hurt you but it can help you too.
Foreign language: we might do this off on the side and not write it on our ILP because she has forgotten a lot of her spanish and I really need her to brush up on it.
P.E.: Yes we were actually thinking we would do this. Yoga poses My daughter showed great interest in Yoga before I need something that can be done in a small space and burn up her energy. Maybe it will help focus and calm her as well. If you know of any great Yoga videos please let us know. Thanks :)
Music: My daughter is actually taking piano lessons this year but I was going to write it in the ILP for next year so my daughter can see I am serious about it. I also want my piano teacher to know she is greatly appreciated.

IEP: the focus on that is not clear at the moment. Its becoming a hindrance instead of being helpful. Not sure if I am going to drop it or not.
now lets do the math:
Consumable workbook-15-20
Time 4 Learning- $240
Khan Academy- Free
LA/R= is out of pocket school will not pay for christian books- unless I find them used its going to be about $200
Sally Rides Stem Science- I think it was $300 I remember the pricing was ridiculous like world book and their science comic books they have on their website for free. They harassed me and my school advocate for a long while like its some marketing scam so it really has me holding back.Please share your experience with their product with me
Women heroes: would be my curriculum I build myself and would be the price of the reading books.
Highlights: Top Secret Adventures™ World Tour Bundle $253.95+S&H
Spanish: I basically have what we need so its Free
Yoga- lessons, book or video? this could vary significantly
Piano lessons: costs of books for now but may change.
IEP: Lots of paper pens pencils erasers and white out. Oh and Typing skills-free online.