Wednesday, March 27, 2013

School VS. Homeschool Budget

So School you start out with $0 and everything is coming out of your own pocket from this point on.
7 New outfits a year ( including picture day)
New underwear, socks etc,
Snow gear ( pants gloves hat coat,replacing lost gear)
1-2 boxes of pencils

PE Shoes
Tissue boxes
Lunch items( money or packed)
White glue
Glue sticks
Erasers 2
Pocket folders 3 Two pockets per folder
Notebook Paper 3 pkgs Loose-leaf, 100-count (not spiral bound), wide-ruled
Binder 1 Three-ring
Notebook dividers 1 pkg
Composition Book 2
Colored pens 1 pkg Any color
Ruler 1 12 inch with inches and centimeters
Scissors 1 pair
Colored pencils
Package of dividers
Box of pens
Dry erase markers
Emergency rations
Ziplock bags
permanent markers
pencil box or storage boxes
Any other teacher requested items ( many ask you to buy there teaching supplies or classroom rewards)
Art Donations
Christmas gifts 25+ students
Valentines 25+ students
Birthday cupcakes 25+ students
Halloween party 25+ students
Any other holiday, interest, or snacks
Field Trips $5-10 about every other month at my childs school
PTA Fund raisers: Door door sales, donations for auctions, Dances, Coupons, purchasing boxtops and collecting them.
After School activities $5-$20
Picture day ( fall, spring, and class)

Remember its ruined or gone by the end of the school year you get none of it back if its a community classroom. How much of it do you buy extra to have on hand for home?

   Homeschool you are started with a reimbursable budget.This is for your curriculum.  Many will pay or reimburse for some of the above listed items, but I mean really? You would of had to purchase them from your own pocket or had another parent do it for you if it was a community classroom. You can still ask family and friends for  help with supplies many most likely have some of them laying in a drawer somewhere.
Clothes/pajamas ( everyday wear when needed, on sale)
Curriculum books ( try to find it used if possible these rack up fast)
laptop/technology( 1 time buy)
Printer ( 1 time buy)
printer ink ( i have found places that sale recycled cartridges that work well but it will make your warranty void on your printer and may not work as well in office store you will get a discount for bringing in used up cartridges)
printer paper ( buy in bulk)
3" Binder
slip covers
pencils ( at home they do not need to be #2 you can use the free ones gathered around your homeschool curriculum fair)
Pens ( gathered from your bank or doctor office just duck tape them if the logo is offensive)
Erasers (  $1 bins at your craft store or target)
Colored pencils
Scissors ( 1 time buy)
construction paper
yard stick ( 1 time buy)
Stop watch ( 1 time buy)
Board chalk or white/eraser ( 1 time buy)
Chalk or Dry erase pens
drawing/shading pencils
oil pastels
tempera/acrylic paint
plaster of paris
paint pallet ( can use an old plate or deviled egg holder)
art smocks ( value village big size shirts cut down the back or button up shirts)
Sketch books
world maps
Flash cards
magnifying glass
science kits
Books ( borrow or exchange as much as possible, used book store, e-bay)
lunch and snacks

I find many supplies at Value Village on there $1 baggy wall. In them I have found calculators, pencils, colored pencils, scrap crayons, All kinds of Papers
Go in to office supply stores on bag days. 10 % percent off everything that fits in the bag. Get there discount card too.
Some cities have supply giveaways for the needy done by area code usually done by Salvation Army or other helping resource organizations.

Monday, March 25, 2013

An 8 year olds Easter at my house

So its been a tradition of mine to teach the kids st 8 years old how to cook. There first lesson is usually hard boiled eggs and how to devil them. Naturally these lessons begin around Easter.

I have read its best to use eggs that ate atleast 5 days old. I am thinking basically any you get at the store fits that bill. If not some say add an acid like vinegar and others are saying add an akaline like baking soda. However in my house it does not matter becsuse naturally we like to dye them and the shell will be soaked in vinegar and food coloring.

So put eggs evenly in a pot with an inch of water covering them then put pot on to boil. Once water boils remove pan from heat and let sit 10-15 minutes. Run cold water over them to stop the cooking process.
Time to crayon and dye them also if you want your deviled eggs colored crack the shells before dying and soak in dye. Very marble looking when its peeled.

Slice peeled eggs long ways and put yellow yoke in ziplock baggy add mustard mayo s&p according to a recipe your child picks out and squish in the bag. Cut a tip and pipe back in egg and sprinkle the top with some red. Cayan paprika or seasoning salt. Or if you want to get really fancy a spicy sauce design like used on sushi.