Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Freeday that fit with zoology

So I downloaded Balto last night. I was thinking oh my daughter will love it. She can read it and get some of the Alaska history requirements in at the same time.
It was a major fail.
First I know my childs reading ability is exceptional. This book is on the 3rd grade reading list for B.O.B. and says its a level 2 reader.
Antitoxen, serum, antidote, diphtheria plus a few more big words. I am greatful to find a challenge for her but it has very few pictures (unusual for an I can read book) she lost interest because she has heard the story.
So today I was super duper sick. Huge headache and could not find any medicine and was suppose to have tons of company over. Yep
So my daughter is like, yeah moms sick its a freeday.
So after company left and everyone checked thier vehicle's for Tylenol pr motrin. Yeah someone had some ibuprofen.  I played so sad that I hurt to bad to read my library book and that I might feel better if she read it to me. I had it on the kindle on my phone app and my device. We followed along with each other till chapter 3. My daughter lost all attention after that and I did not feel like trying to corral her in anymore.
We may try it again to see how it goes when I feel better and dont feel like my head and eye balls are going to turn into grenades.
Ooh we also printed out some cute pumpkin units but I am thinking it might of been a waste of paper.
We also watched some animal videos on discovery with flying squirrels and chipmunks prepping for winter. Oh we saw this rabbit type animal that had fangs and eats dead birds brains it stored in ice. Made bunnicula look like an angel and more plausible. Cute and scary.

Monday, September 23, 2013

History being continued


meso means between in Greek and potamia means water. I pointed out to my daughter that Potable means water is drinkable. She is also aware in Spanish Mesa means land, table or Flat area on hill.
just a little not to how we all connect even though we are so far apart. It really is a small world.

So my daughter and I discussed just going through History Until we finish it. She wants to do it like it were units. I just want to feel like we achieved a lot before December when we take the month off because I really feel like we have been slacking. I have been reading Homeschooling books that say that his happening your first year is normal. That your child is still learning more than what they would of in a classroom setting and the doubting process will end once you see your child is indeed meeting your goals. My problem is I made goals for a school year not for Christmas. So what I am seeing needs to be done by Christmas may be too much. I have 8 weeks to meet or do not meet it.

We hit a big rut when my daughter decided she was going to forget how to do lasts years math and could not refigure it out for anything. I had discussed it with my husband. I asked him should I panic or just be like... See she has an IEP? he said do not lower your standards. He said he talked to a homeschooler and there biggest mistake they saw other parents do was lower the standards to the point to where the children were not learning much of anything.
Well I do not know what he was trying to tell me but I did tell him. I do not lower my standards for my daughters special needs. I expect her to be as smart as the all the other kids. It may take us longer to get there but I am not going to skip something and claim oh its her special needs. I will claim them though if we do not finish everything I planned to by a certain date.

So today we finished lesson 21 in the history book. There are 35 lessons.
In Story of the World  we are on Chapter 8 ...sort of I think I said earlier why the sort of. We bought it for audio. It was missing disc 1 and disc 2 starts on 8 so we are like whoo hoo we can listen to it now. but the xbox skips parts. :( I hope it does not do that in any other music players because I would really like to see how listening to history works in the car. Actually now that I think about it would not work because I like to stop and verify she is listening or understood it. I like doing them both because we pick up on different things out of each of them. Our history is more  biblical and story of the world is history.
uhh I was going to make her do some T4L today but she is reading The Story of the World. Its chapters we have already read but this time when she reads it she will not forget as easy. So I am going to let her continue reading it instead.

Saturday history and foriegn languages

So Friday night and Saturday was a history day.
We watched Moses on youtube. My daughter fell asleep sometime after they recieved the 10 commandments but before they built the temple.
I wonder if this means we are finished with Egypt?
We tried to listen to story of the world on x box but it kept skipping chapters as though it were on mix or something.
She ended up turning it into an art tech lesson as she kept trying to see which moving pics made mom motion sick and which did not.

Later my security mail for my daughters account popped up saying the mic had been activated. I asked my daughter what mic? She was oh right there and pointed to holes next to the camera. She was all you told me about it. :) ooh she is listening.
So we went to mango languages and played around getting badges in spanish and pirate. :)
I had to listen to pirate till she went to bed. :)

Friday, September 20, 2013

Lots of reading and questions

My daughter and I love to read. We have been doing lots of it.
I had her do some reading from the mcguffey readers level 2. She loves the poetry and I love the lessons with morals.
We are currently working on solomon owl by Arthur Scott Bailey.
We are learning lots from it.
 Pullets are chickens less than a year old.
 She is learning about owls through solomon and his cousin simon screecher. We laughed real hard on the Halloween chapter. We were in the doctors office waiting room laughing.
I am glad we had the good book because the t.v. they had playing had the news reporting awful things.
I have been requesting her to do math on time4learning but when I check her work she has not been knocking out 3rd grade work. She has been doing 4th grade work. This is not bragging. You see she keeps doing all the ones she likes or knows how to do. We are not achieving goals by this. Pretty soon all that will be left are the ones she does not like and thinks are torture. I guess I could view it as we can find something else to teach those areas but I worry would that be spoiling and teaching her if you don't like it find something else and give up on what you have? This also is falling under not following instructions.
My computer died and my printer is not compatible with the laptop for some weird reason. I have been just wanting to print out math packets and be like here. That way she remembers why she originally loved T4L. That way we can carry them with us too.
It seems everyone is like ooh you homeschool your child so you are available for everything now.  Uuuh yah sort of but no.
I am getting sick of running off everywhere to do other things. I would like to feel accomplished in my home schooling tasks. Yes she is still learning but I want to learn with her too.
I am getting to a point to where if you are not scheduled with me already its not going to happen till after 5.
Including Saturdays!
If its not educational or an emergency/emotional distress we are not going and you can call a cab or a service. This last minute stuff is awful.
Ok whew now I just need to find a way to say that nicely.
I really wish I had all my files I had ready on my computer. It seems though everyone in my church is being challenged right now.  We go through waves like this. This one needs to break soon. I feel guilty when there is nothing I should be guilty of. Maybe the guilt is over my feelings on the situation I also feel angry and drained because it feels like it has messed with our goals.
I need to see what comes first education or compassionate service?
If I was being given time to prep for a school day away from home its one thing I just stopped doing that though because she can not work with distraction at all.
Cereal and everything in my house beckons to her to be more important so imagine outside the home.
Well that's all I can think of for now. We seem to be constantly researching stuff that is not on the learning plan. I am beginning to feel as though I will despise it. 
My husband says oh put in an amendment but I don't think he realizes if I don't want to write it I am sure the other people would get sick of reading it and filing it.
I don't know how long units last but so many I have just wanted to drop everything to do one and come back later. Is it considered extra stuff or what?
To be edited and fixed on a computer some day... maybe. Mobile posting.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

literature today- Thanksgiving and Psalm 100

our lesson in our lit book is a thanksgiving one. I really liked it though and wanted to share it.
 The assignment is to read Psalms 100.
 your vocab for the day is:
 and any other words that come up that need explanation but those are the ones we are pondering the deeper meaning to.
Now your assignment is to write a Family Psalm together. Express your gratitude and your blessings that came from the lord. Everyone writes a line even family members who are away you save a space for them to add to it.

you can find more to this assignment in Latter-day Learning The family school Year 1 Literature book lesson 7

Monday, September 2, 2013

update history

So been doing a bunch of crazy field trips and meetings. Shew I guess everyone in the homeschooling world actually waits to August to get things done. I want to start teaching my child already.

So here is an update.... She has been doing her Time4Learning and in the free time has been playing on the Brainpop apps on my phone. There educational but do not fit in with my IEP. There is ones on there that do but I am not going to restrain her to them. She is building interests for future lessons.

We downloaded a free science app from Even-Moore publishers. It said it was a learning game but to me it was more of a vocabulary flashcard type thing. A step up from a PowerPoint lesson. It is a great supplement. I got it because it said 3-4 and thought I could use it for next years lessons and let my daughter try it. Yep its super easy for her but again building interest.

 We went to the fair where there was an Egyptian exhibit. It would of been awesome but we were disappointed in the nature of some of the replicas. I was impressed with my daughter though. She went around telling people all about Egyptians and mummification process. It was nice to see some of the replicas though because you knew they tried to get them close. There were some items in there that did look real. I kept thinking why did the grave robbers leave that behind? Was it so common they did not see it valuable or too big or too obvious? the exhibit had huge pictures hung on the wall of the tomb and maps to where items were.

So so far we have played a board game used hieroglyphs . learned about the Nile. Several gods and some kings and Anna on her own learned about the queen and some other things in Africa surrounding Egypt. we covered Egyptian government and laws.

Today we covered more about Egyptians gods and how they looked like animals and the kings let cities fight over whose gods were better so they people were distracted from how he ruled.