Friday, April 25, 2014

Astronomy unit study Outline

 What Is Astronomy?
Sun-solar flares and spots

Moon - phases, Solar Eclipse
planets and comets
constellations -Orion & Taurus, The Dippers, The Summer Triangle, Sagittarius & Scorpio
Solar System - Create a map of the solar system
star clusters, double stars, nebulas, constellations, red giants
Distances in space
The beginning of the universe
Environments and materials in space
models of all the planet.
giant scale model of the solar system

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Halloween Movies that are G-PG-13

Scary G, PG, PG-13
Dark Shadows
The Haunting
The Sixth Sense
The Woman in Black
House at the End of the Street
The Others

Comedy G, PG, PG-13
Fun Size
Hotel Transylvania
Dark Shadows
Warm Bodies
Men in Black 3
Mirror Mirror

Haunted House
Haunted Mansion
Halloween Town

Monsters, Inc. 


Hocus Pocus
Twilight Zone
The watchers in the woods
The Witches
Dracula, Frankenstein, The Wolf Man, The Mummy, The Creature From The Black Lagoon

December Break

Well we worked all summer to take the entire month of December we thought.
We did tinker though.
So we did the hour of code this month for 3 hours.
Mostly this month we played Minecraft and I kept trying to explain programming to my daughter who wpuld ask me why this and that.
We expanded our village to see small villagers run around and get in our way. They kept falling into our mines. My daughter would say oh maybe the villagers will..... (put something in here to them being alive and having emotions here). Over and over again I explain they are just a program with instructions.  You can't ( whatever her idea is ) to make them mad or happy.
They can have babys ,now what? It must be very disapointing for her.
We sang songs and after Thanksgiving watched almost every free christmas movie available on Hulu.
My daughter had lost her two front teeth and listened to the song. They were peeking through by Christmas.
For Christmas she only asked for clothes. She got a piano keyboard and stacks of books instead. She always gets a years supply of lipgloss.. she recieved eyeshadow and finger nail polish too. Toothbrush, paste and floss as well.

All her clothes are in my room because she lost them for not keeping them off the floor and kept putting clean clothes back into the laundry.

Anyways back to educational stuff. Oh now I remember my route I was going to...we are in the process of cleaning up Holiday fun so we can get back to work come this January. I need to get is back on a schedule too.

She read tons of books instead of sleeping. I think she was rereading stuff. Sants gifts of books though came in handy and so did the schools partnership with Barnes snd Nobles to get her new reading material.  Most of them BOB books.
She woke me last night begging for more Ottoline books.
There not on kindle yet.:(

Checking out books with our own very large collection is bad. They get lost and finding them is is very burdensome. So if its not electronic its probably not happening because I can by the book with the fines we get. I hate buying books she finishes in an hour or two because a movie would be more worth it. Its value retention stays higher too.

Finished with 3rd (my first year of HS) on to 4th

So For 3rd grade I had  started out with The Family Homeschool curriculum. I was really excited it was Latter Day Saints based. I really want the gospel in my childs life and wanted the ease of the prophet messages that would go along with the lessons to be mixed in without having to the research myself. I had kept Time 4 Learning for Math and Back up.

Here is what I learned:

uhh how do I put this nicely. hmm oh ok lets try this....I think when I prayed about the program I bought and received revelation to purchase the package it was not to teach my child but to teach me.
A. I found out other people have different goals in the church than myself. I wanted Christ in my life but I felt like they were prepping my child for a College level religious theory class. It was just way to political for me and did not fit in with the lessons at all. We found testimonies and prophet talks that fit way better when we researched it ourselves. Most of the time they seemed to just appear. I know it was the Lords doing blessing my Homeschooling.
B. I supplemented the lessons because I thought they were leaving out stuff because it did not go in an order I felt organized. Since I did not read ahead I did not know it was going to be covered later. I supplemented like crazy and then later came across a chapter that covered it and if it didnt have anything new in it I just skipped it. Eventually I just stopped following the curriculum and so did my daughter. we did way more in day.
C. I had to do so much extra work having a religious curriculum to meet state standards we could not get to it all the way my child learns. My child likes to do one subject a day. It worked for us. she absorbed her lessons and would finish more than a weeks lessons in a single day. When we stopped using the curriculum I changed the ILP to remove it and took out all the extra things it seemed we never got to. That doesnt mean we quit all those lessons either it just means we no longer had to provide a work sample for them.
D. God still blessed my home and my child with things that seemed to just fit. Reassuring this was right..
My favortie examples are we were studying Egypt and Egyptian tomb was brought to the fair. My child ended up teaching everyone there how a mummy was made even using the word Nitron salts. When we were studying Rome our church put a Bethlehem thing for Christmas. There was Roman guards and taxes from ceasar.We all dressed up to be a part of it. The next one just could be the power of cookies on the internet but we still found it pretty amazing. My daughter just finished watching the history channel on Pompeii and what do you know later that night a movie trailer taking place in Pompeii and about the Volcano she just finished studying is being played in the Theaters. No we did not run out to watch it but we were very excited. That was just for Ancient History. There is more for zoology and Language arts... Oh I have to share the one for Language arts it should be blogged on here too at least the things on the book. We had just finished A Single Shard. The Author visited our Library and we got our book signed and shared with her the lessons her book inspired. She talked about her joy in writing and its a area my daughter has issues with, My daughter still repeats parts of her talk to me as if she is thinking about writing.

This year we will be making our own curriculum. my daughter has a healthy desire and is curious enough to learn things on her own. We will be generalizing everything on the ILP and learn things the fun way as they happen. Tuesdays and Thursdays will still be set aside for math and free time learning. We want to do a lot more science. Since my daughter is a hands on learner we need to play games and experiment to learn.

Our current plans are:
Math: Alaska Standards or Common Cores- Time 4 Learning or free printouts and internet games
Language Arts Reading: Its whatever she wants to read. I can not keep her away from books. There is a book trail wherever she goes. Quite litterally.
Language Arts Writing: Ok this is going to be a toughy. I bought a Curr ....SHHH SHHH yes I know I said I wouldnt. however this is an area where I am going to fork out my allotment. I bought consumable books for this and I also purchased IEW. I am willing to try it all. Anything PLEASE. We also Time 4 learning just in case too. Her IEP requires her to put pencil to paper and write something daily though and some king of typing program.
Science: Physics and Chemistry - with Easy Peasy. Astronomy and whatever else she wants to do with Time 4 Learning. Plus whatever Youtube or some other surprise science thing, she wants to try thing, pops up.
Social Studies: So here is the deal on this. I really would of liked to continued in order and done the Renaissance  using the The Story of the World and free downloadable lapbooks. However My daughter keeps expressing a deep desire to know her states and capitols. I am planning to print off some unit studies on the States and I am hoping when we finish we can continue with the Knights in shining armor but if not oh well. So Social Studies is going to be marked off As Common Core or Alaska State Standards and we will fit everything in.

Technology is not going to be put on the ILP this year but my husband ordered a technology program to do with his daughter EEME

Foreign Language Uh Yah that will never ever go on a ILP again. She wants to learn it all and yah thats just not happening. A few words here and there. it will be a free time learning thing from now on until Highschool.
P.E./Health: My daughter wants to know all bout the Human body. She is absorbing it like a sponge. I secretly hope maybe a nurse or doctor. LOL We got some dance videos for the winter. I have no problem getting this girl to excersize even with our 9 months of winter.

Music and Art will be free time too and not on the ILP just extras.