Monday, July 29, 2013

Fun friday *(BOOM)*

Today Anna has earned her free friday. She can do whatever she wants thats educational.
I think the too many choices is overwhelming her so this might not work.
Need to get some idea feed back will have to report what happens.

When asked for feedback it blew up in my face except for one good advice of have pre planned on a popsicle sticks or something they can lottery to overcome the overwhelmingness. To note the only reason why I feel that my question blew up in my face is a mom reminded me what I originally wanted to do but did not know till too late it was option and already made a plan for school and  spent money on it. That was that everyday should be free time and do child lead learning.

Our Free Friday Walk:

I tried it for a week. Its not going to work. my child is fine with reading and doing nothing but whine all day. without direction she did do nothing but whine about everything. She spent an entire day. I mean an entire day learning something that had already been taught to her ( units, tens, hundreds, in math )

This will not work with my child, however I did make sure she got bored with light switches before she could reach them by holding her there to flip them and she did not do it like other kids do when they can reach them. So who knows maybe she would eventually get bored with that too and move one but oh would it ever be such an extremely slow process.

Technology day at the library during our try out of free time week at least it fit tech criteria:

my favorite cleaning sites

These are my two favorite house organizers sites for everyday. Holiday list however is much longer and a whole different ballgame in my house. I have a holiday plan and two procrastinate holiday plans just in case life happens.<<< this is a purging system it takes about 6 months<<<< This is everything but can be overwhelming if you do not follow her babysteps. Its one new habit a month and building and it is not for the person who wants it done now. It also takes 6 months for results and habit building do not repeat till 1 year because it is a 12 step process.
I have my own process of making these two systems work together when I actually do it. I have many days of debilitating pain and slothfulness for fear of flare ups and a for real pack rat/hoarder who actually spirals if I purge too much at once. I recommend these for the homes that are embarrassed to have company come over or have family members that would have a hard time adjusting.
these require planners and lists so you can see your new habits and learn how to tweak them to work for your garbage days and family plans.
For anyone else I would recommend the merry maid system. Start an entry way start from the ceiling and work your way down counter clockwise around the house and the rooms with a basket of clean supplies and a basket to send items to other rooms and a garbage bag.
My experience: I have been a maid at a hotel. A nanny to 10 kids. U.S. Army boot camp and training for cooking and sanitation. I worked on 2 different bases for sanitation services and was employed by pizzahut to raise there sanitation grade which I successfully succeeded in 3 months time after training all there employees. I was two classes short to be hired by the state health department in sanitation and I have ran two kitchens as the head cook. I am always looking at cleaning tips and planners very rarely come across anything new when I do its not  more pleasant or safer.

What are your favorite cleaning sites or cleaning planners?

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Geography class and spanish practice

Today Anna Started on her new country Sri Lanka. And recorded Geography facts about it

She is now watching Los Amigos for spanish practice.

She played outside and babysat the turtles until one got away and we had to find him.

She spent the morning doing her Time 4 learning after I was done looking up book curriculums for the battle of the book books.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Fast class and Independence

So July 3rd I had a FAST class. I am so glad I attended that class. Before the class I ran around and paid a bill. We had some time left before the class and I got change from my bill. I took my daughter out to eat at one of our local Spanish chain restaurants which are affordable and gluten free depending on what you order. There I asked her to speak Spanish. She ordered her order in Spanish. The people there were speaking Spanish when we came in and we were quite excited. However they quieted down after we ordered. They did love Anna Spanish and there eyes became very large. Anna pointed to everything she remembered in Spanish and told me what it was called. Drove me up the wall. I kept smiling saying very good hunny. However towards the end I was like EAT and be quiet. However it was said like thank you for the vocab lesson mom has class soon and we still need to drive there.
Let me tell you, all the chairs and tables have Spanish carved and painted murals on them. Plus hung on the walls is Spanish art. So she had lots to point at.
I had brought her day of homework with us to the class. She has a writing assignment and you would think it was causing her pain. She absolutely hates writing.
When she was at school she would make up enough excuses to get out of it or throw a fit till they moved on and they let her do this for two years.  She only has 1st grade writing ability if that.
So the assignment was some pictures that had scripture reference on them. I printed out the pics wallet size. She cut and glued them. I had to fix it because she glued them all on the same page saying she did not hear me. I was don't worry I will do it, and tore them all off her first page and glued them each on there own page so she could write the scripture that goes with the pic in her journal.
She has missed out on lots of fun stuff till its done and she only sort of gets upset about it and says she will give it up not to write. Well its not said but very implied.
She even knows I have lots of rewards for her when its done. She gets gum while she is doing it.
I was surprised how well she did do for the stuff she got done. Usually she writes them all different sizes and sloping but she was trying to write her letters between the lines some were capitalized when they shouldn't be but if I picked on her about that she would never write again.
She tells me I pretended to be a secretary to get this much done.  Awww.
So July 4, oh my gosh, she wanted history lessons. She was asking 7th grade questions.  Liberty bell. Statue of liberty. Independence.  She wanted to know it all. I was like "uh honey HELP!"
The only thing I could explain in detail was the statue of liberty.  You see its art and family history studies. So I had learned about it.
We then went home to do her homework because it needed to be finished before fireworks.  She did not care. Even though she knew we had smoke bombs and pop its. She asked if they expire and said we can do them next year.
Today my stomach pain is back I think coleslaw makes me sick.  It must be psychological because I looked up other people's allergies and its totally different.  Anyways I am in bed trying to keep everything going in one direction. Doing an excellent job at that. Only I run back and forth. Well run one direction mope the other with a flop slide and a roll.
I think I will have my daughter keep me company or do time 4 learning.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Stomach ache but there was still progress-History

So of course. My daughters first official day of homeschooling and I end up having a stomach ache that kept me up the entire night.
My daughter did her scripture study by watching videos and then did her time 4 learning.  She told me she did her math in it but forgot to do LA stuff. I am not too worried because we seem to be covering that stuff anyways in her lit class. I still want her to show she knows it though.
This is a history week. It was more stuff on gods order. We already had a cleaning chart and decided to show the cycle of mosquitos of gods order. My daughter related other cycles she knows. Bees and pumpkin seeds. Somehow I got lost and forgot to tell her we can see cycles in history and use them to predict things. Hmm. Hopefully writing that down and I can bring that up tomorrow.

We did discussed visions as a way to predict the future though and read to her George Washington's prediction given to him by many Indian tribes Holy man, who was made there chief and rep. You really should read it. I cried but then again I was sick all night and I am very emotional.

We read two chapters in our Sotw book and did our lapbook. Can you believe it my daughter turned around and gave me a lesson too. She even knew what book to reference and showed me. I guess certain body parts went into certain jars. Its not mentioned in sotw but it was in one of her Egypt books.
 I printed out a coloring page of the jars and asked her to label them for me.
The liver was protected by the man-headed Imsety 
  • The lungs were protected by the baboon-headed Hapi
  • The stomach was protected by the jackal-headed Duamutef
  • The intestines were protected by the falcon-headed Qebehsenuef
    We also prepped parts of tomorrows Enoch lesson. That has me curious because when I did a search to see if I could find something fun, I found out the Jewish have a book of Enoch. Its mostly visions from what I noticed at a glance. I am curious.
    I spent the rest of the day getting repeatedly asked tons of questions that were answered before. Mostly about Independence day. Its her making up for lost attention.  If I just sit her on my lap or love on her she stops. All is well and we did not loose a day of teaching even though I still am not in tip top shape.