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Brighty of the Grand Canyon

Updated with a few new links we may read it in 2015-16 year for the 1800's study.

yah all these links I found in google really sucked and most wanted you to buy a book wrote years ago that is not downloadable for $11.00 then pay shipping too. There was no preview to the books to see if it was even worth it. I am sorry no can do. If anyone did purchase it though and enjoyed it please let me know.,%20Mule,%20or%20Boat.pdf
Yep ignore all them because all the good info I got from them is wrote in my google doc and posted here.
uh we thought of Eeyore for some reason so ta dah!

we are doing geology next year or may have dived further into that to expand it but if I were to do that now then she would be extremely board next year but I can bring it up next year as remember that story with the Donkey.......,%20Mule,%20or%20Boat.pdf

As i come up with more while reading I will be blogging about it. :) if finds any free lessons that have more stuff please share them with me. Thanks :)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A single shard Cont.

Tree ear mushroom

1. Celadon A type of ceramic pottery developed during the Koryo Dynasty in the ninth
or tenth centuries in Korea. Celadon has a distinctive pale grayish green

2. Earthenware The coarser sort of containers, tableware, etc., made of baked clay
3. Entourage A group of associates or attendants
4. Harangue A long, blustering, noisy or scolding speech
5. Impudent Shamelessly bold or disrespectful; shameless
6. Inlaid Set in pieces into a surface of another material so as to form a smooth
7. Insolence Boldly disrespectful in speech or behavior
8. Jiggeh [chige] An open-framed backpack made of branches.
9. Kiln A furnace or oven for drying, burning, or baking something, as bricks,
grain, or pottery
10. Paulownia An Asiatic tree of the figwort family, with large, heart-shaped leaves and
large, erect clusters of fragrant, violet flowers
11. Peninsula A land area almost entirely surrounded by water and connected with the
mainland by an isthmus
12. Scholar A specialist in a particular branch of learning, especially in the humanities
13. Shard A fragment or broken piece, especially of pottery; potsherd
14. Slip Ceramics clay thinned to the consistency of cream for use in decorating or
casting, or as a cement or coating
16. Spade A heavy, flat bladed, long-handled tool used for digging by pressing the
metal blade into the ground with the foot
17. Spoor The track or trail of an animal, especially of a wild animal hunted as game
18. Surreptitiously Acting in a secret, stealthy way
19. Terse Free of extra words; short; concise
20. Trepidation Fearful uncertainty; anxiety


    Both the designs and shapes used in Koryo celadon were representations of the spiritual beliefs of the Korean people. These beliefs were fostered by Shamanism, and the Buddhist beliefs of the era. Following are the symbols most commonly used on inlaid celadon and their meanings.

Circle: The circle represents the Sun and worship for the Sun.

Fish: The fish represents a superior realization.

Lotus: The lotus stands for the Sun and mercy of Buddha

Tiger: The tiger design symbolizes a guardian, and charm.

Peony: The peony depicts richness and honors.

Dragon: The dragon stands for the all mighty.

Duck: The duck symbolizes the Premiere ranking.

Chrysanthemum: The chrysanthemum symbolizes health and well being.

Crane: The crane represents Immortality

Pine Tree: The pine tree depicts royalty and fidelity.


    In addition to the above symbols and their meanings, the actual shape of the vessels has meaning as well. The shapes of the vessels are derived from nature, as in the case of the bamboo shoot-shaped pot shown here, or the Korean melon (Cham-wae) shaped vase here. Other shapes adopted from nature include animal shaped vessels or those with animals as part of their shapes like the turtle decorated incense burner here. The human form is also subtly represented in Korean pottery. The vases and bottles (Mae-byeong, Ju-byeong), represent male and female respectively. The long slender shape of the bottles with a gentle slope at the bottom expresses the voluptuous beauty of femininity, while the wide shoulder and stockiness of the vases,here, represents the masculine form.

Korean flag

korean recipes:
Loved this blog Very helpful instructions on making Korean dishes.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

25th Christmas prep, craft, storage, money stash day

I learned to do this from a forum I tried to join. You see I normally start preparing for holidays in August. I get a planner all printed out. Recipes are picked and then nothing else gets done except making christmas cards that do not get sent. The christmas card not getting sent thing is not my doing. My husband will not do anything at all unless I spell things out for him how it will affect his life so getting him to buy stamps and ask his family for there address is like pulling teeth. I still have christmas cards on my computer desk from last year with names of people they go to on them. They live in town so he would not stamp them.
Anyways the purpose of my Alarm reminder every 24th to plan for today is to save money. Plan prep or stash.
Today I am teaching my daughter to craft. She wants to make a winter hat.
She is learning to knifty knit. We will see how long her patience lasts before her ADHD makes her loose interest. She has been taught how to do it though so at least I can say I achieved in teaching her how to do it. She has the capabilities of making a tube hat now at the age of 8. Well that is if someone else teaches her to finish it off so it does not unravel if I am not around to do it.
Hahah! Surprise your mom is blogging about you!

The project she is doing was a project of her fathers I unraveled. He had started it to prove how super easy it was. My daughter has already gotten as far as he did and she does not have the tool he did that he broke trying to caveman the yarn into position.
I now just need to break away to do my own christmassy thing. Hmm wonder what I should do. I have some pics of ornaments I want to replicate

but I did learn some new tree decorating skills that I found through pinterest ( that makes me think I need to curr and restock some ornaments or at least change them to make them work. Time to get to work and come back later to post some pics and links. My tree colors is red silver and gold. I have been working on trying to find Symbolism stuff to crochet white ornaments for my tree.

Friday, June 21, 2013

No school today, cleaning and crafting

Today I had my daughter practice keeping all these lessons on cleanliness and standards on her room. I sat in there for awhile with her and worked on a project I have been wanting to do. We ended up having to set a timer for 15 minutes and making it a game to see how much she could finish in that time and she got more done in that time than she had all day. She also watched an episode of Horrible Histories on youtube and started asking me tons of questions on William Shakespeare and she did an image search on him which then made a ton more questions. I noticed my Shakespeare book of plays is gone. I wonder if she is reading it?
So I posted my project at and did not want to rewrite to all of it so if you notice a difference on the page here is because I decided to just copy and paste it here so I can share it here on my blog as well.
So I bought Flip Flops at Michaels after seeing a project on Pinterest. The link to the pinterest project was broke so I did a bunch of looking till I came across felt bottoms and other projects that were similar.
I drew lines with the flip flops together so I could make the holes match as closely as I could. I could of made it nicer with a ruler but I am very impatient. I made them width of the crochet hook I used. I used a metal poker that use to belong some walnut set a long time ago but is now used for other things. Then finally found my Yarn needle and did my best to thread the yarn through the holes. I almost broke my plastic yarn needle :( it was not easy.
Oh and for further projects of this kind if I ever do it again. I will put the flip flop on and trace my foot. My slipper is huge  and I could make the holes deeper making the slipper sturdier. I am worried about the foam ripping because you do not go all the way to the bottom.
After you get the thread wrapped around the flip flops its time to start crocheting your pattern around the edges. I singled crocheted to begin with.
Then I doubled crocheted around. 3 rows. My pattern said 2.5 cm but it looked way too short and felt like it would not hold to my feet so I added the 3rd row.
From this point on I did not follow any written pattern. I was going to originally crochet two humongous roses and use them for the tops but again it seemed like too much work and I was excited about finishing them.
umm lets see.....
chain 4. slip to form ring. 
8 sc in ring. slip stitch to first sc.
sc in sc. chain 3, 2 treble not finishing and leaving the last loops on the hook. Single crochet through all 3 loops and chain 2. 3 treble leaving last stitches on hook like before. Single crochet through all 3 loops and chain 2. repeat till you have 8 petals and end with chain 2 and slip stitch into the top of single crochet that bunched the loops.
2Sc in the ch2 area ch 1 2 sc ch 1. in next ch 2 area 3 double crochet chain 3 3 double crochet ch 1. Repeat 
I just matched the edges to the other edges trying to keep both sides matching as best as I could.Everything was basically eye balled finishing with a tight single crochet around the area I would put my foot in.
I crocheted a chain that fit around the bottom and sc back on it to widen it. I am in the process of gluing it to the bottom of the slippers to hide marker marks and to just dress up and hopefully the glue might go into the holes and make the slipper sturdier and help keep the foam from ripping.
I left the flip flop in tact on the inside because they are huge ( hence the tracing the foot tip) and they still wear like a flip flop. My husband who is like extremely picky and is usually very negative about my clothing style ( he thinks I dress like an old lady) thought they were very cute. :)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Flag Symbolism and coloring
South Korea and mapping
continue reading A Single Shard.
looked up how Yellow Sea got its name.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Geography lesson 1 and 2

Well again we talked about heavenly Fathers order and how Geography helps us keep stuff in earth in order. We talked about different ethnicities and climates and how they affect one another and the holidays they keep.
We looked at the Geography Flashcards with terms and vocab on them. Read some scripture passages that contained the terms and how they were used as symbols or similes to ways we should behave and choose the right.
The lesson asked for our children to choose their own country in Asia  to learn details about. Of course because of the A single shard. She chose South Korea.
So this page  is open to copy my links onto to help make some good lesson plans.,-korea-lesson-plan/

Monday, June 17, 2013

Art Lesson 1 today

Today in Art class we used scriptures to see how heavenly Father set examples of creativity through the art he has created for us here on earth. The definition of art was looked up. The art project was decorating pages for her 3 ring Binder for her sorting pages. I also have her decorating the outside the binder as well. During that time I am suppose to read to her from the book called "A Single shard" by Linda Sue Park
Words to look up:
paulownia tree
Ch'ulp'o South Korea

lessons to use with your child and the book:
I noticed while doing research for this that many links on other peoples pages had been dissolved. Please write me and let me know when a link is no longer valid or if you find a cool resource. Thank you :)

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Learning cleaniness is closer to Godliness

So for this Week my childs lessons have been focused on order and reading in scriptures examples of Heavenly Fathers order.
History Lesson 1
Principle 1: History is His Story—the study of Jesus Christ’s work in the world.
Principle 2: Studying His Story can help us learn about the Lord’s purposes for
our mortal life.
Principle 3: Learning about His Story can help us build Zion—the kingdom of
God on earth.
History Lesson 2
Principle 1: The history of the world is one of apostasy and restoration.
Principle 2: History begins in the scriptures.
Principle 3: The Notebook Method helps us keep order in our studies and prepares

us to use our knowledge to further Heavenly Father’s purposes.
History Lesson 3
Principle 1: We accepted Heavenly Father’s plan in the council in heaven.
Principle 2: Creating an earth was an important part of that plan.
Principle 3: The Lord gave us stewardship over the earth; we have a responsibility
to care for our possessions and property.

So for this week we have been discussing why it is important to organize her binder while we put it together and How HIStory has order to it according to Heavenly Fathers plan.
During this time we made our time line.....Well I had already made it in advance but I put it on a loop and she looked it over. I explained how far we  were going this year and that I put more than 1 religions timeline on it. You  see I think in order for my daughter to truly understand and believe in her faith she needs to know about the others out there. Why they believe what they believe and why we believe what we believe. I am not the kind of mom who refuses for her to learn other peoples theories of evolution. I think she needs to learn them and let her choose so she has her own faith in our religion. She is going to hear of them eventually and I do not want it to be surprise or hurtful when she thinks I did not trust her with knowing that information. Of course I am not saying that will happen to any moms who do choose this I am just voicing my own personal concern knowing what I know about my daughter and myself.
We have a 3 inch binder. with clear sheets in it. I have used scotch tape folded over on itself to make tabs because I am such a cheapskate and its available right now.
My daughter is having a hard time understanding what these page are for. She would be perfectly happy with keeping everything no matter the subject in a box or folder. I guess the lessons will make more sense to her when we start adding more to it. You see she only has stuff in the History section right now because we teach 1 subject 3 days in a row( history/geography/science) and art or music 1 day and Literature for 1 day. Since I have not been sitting down and teaching an entire lesson in 1 day the notebook probably seems weird. Orderliness is a struggle in our home to begin with so these lessons really hit home with me and I sure wish my husband would listen to them.
During our lessons break time my daughter would ride her bike after donning on her bike helmet. I went out to call her in, noticing its time to get her a bigger bike.The bike looks itty bitty under her. I pulled out a bike someone gave us that is just a touch too big and aired up its tires.It makes her feel like a big girl.

 Its time for the writing portion of the lesson. The part I know we are going to have issues with. She absolutely hates it. OH but guess what the next scripture is Adam and Eve using the Book of Remembrance to teach there children. We discuss how they had pure language and were commanded to write. She got all excited and said she wanted to keep her own Book of Remembrance until she realized it was journal. During her break time I try to find as many pictures for her to label as I can and the paper they are printed on I write questions from the lesson on the back of them for her to answer.
We look up Vocab together and write the word on half of an index card. We seem to be making a lot of our vocabulary words on her own suggestions I might add. She is even keeping a dictionary with her but quite often asks if she can just google it. I really think she wants to get distracted from writing. Many times its oooh I am soooo hungry or I have to use the bathroom or its just plain whiny time. I look at her and smile and say, "oh Hunny this is not public school when you get out of doing it at 3:30, we have all day and all day tomorrow too."
Our school time really does take all day because she is very stubborn, hehe and SO AM I. HA HA HA ha ha hah.Its funny she will participate in a lesson and answer it all but when its time to write them down its completely dumbfounding. She all of sudden does not remember anything and does not understand the question even if its exactly what she answered before. I say, "Oh, well lets pull out your scriptures and do that part of the lesson again"
And we do and she is all "I remember I remember. GRRRRR! why are you doing this to me?!"
Maybe its a short term memory loss because she remembers why when I hand her a pencil." I have already had to learn this. This learning does not help me but you. Its not me who has learn this it does not affect me if you know it or not. If you know it fine but if you do not whose problem is it?"
Yes Folks she is 8 and very aware its her problem, her responsibility. She does scroll down as little as possible on the paper, but eventually writes something even if its, I don't know. Hey atleast she is writing and we will find someone else to teach it to her the parts I can not seem explain to her in the way she needs.

I did not like the picture of pangea our lesson we had so I found a picture with fossil evidence to why they think it was originally 1 big piece of land. I told her there is a theory that when the land was whole it was called Eden not pangea. She is aware theory is not factual but a hypothesis. We talked about how the land moved from volcanoes and earths core and that when the land moved its temperature would change too.
we used this lesson for that :

I blogged already on our 20 minutes of History reading.  we did on our first lesson here:
the other day we just read a chapter and did not time it. It seemed to get interrupted and we were not as thorough. The book and the lapbook had enough pictures for chapter 3. She refused to write what she liked best about the chapter so it says: 2 crowns, egyptians made.... (she did want to continue with" maps upside down" I know because she told me.)

Today we covered literature
Literature Lesson 1
Principle 1: God gave us the ability to read and write.
Principle 2: The Lord has asked us to study out of the “best books.”
Principle 3: There are methods we can use that help us study and evaluate the
books we read to make sure we are reading the “best books.”

We covered the gift of language and how we should try to be good at it and how we can use it to help others.
We then covered how to tell if a book was a good book. My daughter immediately used the squares to evaluate her writing saying she was in the Jesus christ side just the badly written kind. I said we can work on it together because mom is in the same square. We were able to find lots of books that fit in the proper square to use as model examples the number 1 being our scriptures.
We also studied our vocab we did not put them on index cards because the Vocab for this lesson is the learning model. We did  cover examples of each word and how to do each one or what it meant in our words. and wrote them on the paper that was suppose to be cut in strips but I just foresaw a big mess and loss of words so we just wrote on them. I have made something I plan to print out and hang on the wall later. I even bought some sticky putty earlier for this reason.
There is symbolism in the flags and Egyptian and Sumerian writings as well. That folks was not covered with my daughter today so it will have to be discussed another day. :)

Curiosity really can kill just more than the cat but religions too

As a child my mom was always really careful that I did not come across certain books or hear about how others worshipped. She could of just answered my questions and kept my curiosity at bay but she choose to hide it and cut it down getting very defensive about it and hollered about the works of the devil. I learned more about what was the works of the devil was and it made it hard to recognize what was the works of god.She never pointed out the good things to those religions or what we had in common or why our religion was better. She did not know or remember she could pray about it with me, and help me understand by showing me scriptures. Our focus was completely off based. I was scared of everything, Scared of the dark, Scared of my reflection, scared of shadows or things out of the corners of my eyes. I feared of things invading my body and of wrestling with Demons and seeing ghosts. I did not know how to see the positive or good. I did not know about miracles or using gifts to help people or how not to look at them curses but missions or blessings.

I began to look at objects as protectors and believed in superstitions I would hear from others. These were things I did not learn from my mother and she was very adamant about avoiding even  laughing about how silly they were or explaining where they come from or that many were made up to scare servants or as distractions to fear the words of the lord.
[Like the # 13 for instance. OOOH its so bad but if you think about there 12 apostles and Jesus Christ. That means there were 13 people at the time of christ running around teaching. Every missionary knows how stories get brought up about that scary knock on the door. #13 is not so bad now is it?]
 I was scared of God. I seriously believed if I did not do whatever makes him happy he would strike me dead or punish me with curses. I did not know how to love him or to love myself. I figured no matter what I was Damned and it lead me to scary things.
Once moms back was turned or she let down her guard I would sneak books that taught things she did not want me to learn but I learned more than what I needed to know. They became very addicting and it got to a point I wanted to see if it really worked. It got so bad at one point I really believed I had powers and things got super scary. I seriously believe if my mom did not rant and rave on and on about how evil it  and she was not going to tell me, I would of felt trusted and smart and that we were doing right and living a good life. Instead I was looking for evil everywhere and did not think I was capable of overcoming it. I now know it has no power over me and I am stronger. It can not be where the Holy Spirit is and I verbally invite the spirit to be with me often and try to keep him in my thoughts as much as possible because the spirit makes me feel good and safe!

I had ups and downs of throwing mercy towards god when I was scared out of my mind and back to hating him and trying to control things when I was ready to be selfish or seek revenge. My enmity was uncontrollable. I had no friends and bad things happened to me all the time making me again mad at God for letting it happen to me.
Anyways back to Heavenly Father and not my sins.
T.V. is littered with things now and so is playground talk and library shelves our kids will know them. Do not teach them to follow them but let them be aware of them and explain why you do not choose that path. Tell them the good things that happened because of your decisions. Teach them difference in the feelings of the spirit and how if its good its of God.
Tell them how Heavenly Father loves us and point out all his good. Tell them the good in other religions, how its comparable to yours and and why you follow the one you do.
You can make them aware of others beliefs and theories and why you are different, this will not make them run to them. There will be no curiosity there for them to seek the information themselves and get lost learning undesirable things. Do not let them seek that information on their own but with your help and the guidance of the spirit and with Heavenly Fathers teachings. Arm them with knowledge and make them curious about the Lord and the next miracle they can find or the person they need to teach or find the purpose of their mission here on earth.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

SoTW 20 minutes today

Now is on the kindle!!!!!

Here is what my daughter and I explored today during our 20 minute reading time. Of course I did pause the timer to look up pictures and answer questions or hear her relating to the story from other stories she read.

walled cities

a shaduf pickups water for their crops.
 fulcrum, effort arm, counter weight, resistance arm, effort, load

six classical simple machines 
  1. Lever
  2. Wheel and axle
  3. Pulley
  4. Inclined plane
  5. Wedge
  6. Screw

Every chapter she finishes she gets to print off the pages to add in a book I made from railroad board ( thats what we called it in art class but I am not sure if it has another name) I cut in half and half again making 4 pieces. Also instead of wasting paper and glue. We added the files to Adobe photoshop and I gave her technology lesson on cutting and pasting into another frame and did it there so many pages instead of printing two we only had to print one.

I should note on here my daughter has read almost the entire Magic Tree house series and she informs me that one of the stories covers Nomads and that in that story they ate bison. I think it was actually a story about the Lakota Indians but at least she understood the terms of what nomads are and how they live.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Quarter 1 vocabulary fun

Wordle: LDSHS Q1 Vocabulary

 Tropic of Cancer
 Tropic of Capricorn
inner core
outer core
prehistoric art
literary pens
fairy tale
external characteristics
internal characteristics
axolotl |ax-oal-lot-l|
scientific method
porifera |por-if-ur-uh|
cnidarian |nie-dare-ee-un| (Note: the initial ‘c’ is silent.)
echinoderm |ee-kine-uh-derm|
mollusca |mul-us-kuh|
arthropod |ar-throw-pod|
eternal life
foreswear (foresworn)

I might finish this another day. I really need a nap. I am in the process of putting the definitions on the notepad so I can make a crossword puzzle on

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Dysgraphia and Visual/Spatial Problem research

  • Resists writing (after age 7)
  • Writing reversals
  • Math problems not lined up
  • Place value or reading clock difficult
  • Omits letters when spelling
  • Can't get thoughts on paper
  • Copying very labor intensive
  • Poor spacing on paper
  • Great stories orally, but writes bery little
  • Fine motor difficulties
Visual/Spatial Problem
  • Difficulty identifying left and right quickly
  • Difficulty learning to tie shoes
  • Fine motor problems
  • Difficulty skipping (can gallop, which is one-sided)
  • late learning how to go down stairs using alternating feet
  • Frequently this child has been referred for Occupational Therapy

Brain integration therapy

Called my pediatrician on this. He had never heard of it but he said from his education he could see how it could not be beneficial. :D So he was not discouraging to it. I was hoping he had more information but his Nurse who assists him really liked the sounds of it and decided to ask behavioral health to look into it and see if they could not help assist me into getting the info I need. I hope she follows through.

Anyways what I have gleaned so far time to copy my notes I have been taking on here.
prices were from google shopping and net browsing and most likely not accurate at all.
lecithin- naturally occurring in egg yolk, fish eggs, soybean oil, chicken, sheep brain, sunflower seed, cotton seed, rape seed
250 count at walmart for $7.88, 200 count at walgreens for 9.99
B-Complex- Walmart
Evening primrose oil- $5.98 at walmart
thyme- my spice rack and now add tons to soups and poultry dinners :D
Probiotics- I get these at fred meyers convenience
5HTP- 120c for 11.99 walgreens
colostrum- $10.99 at walgreens
cod liver oil
Omega 3- Walmart 200  for $6 or 400 for $10.88
Vitamin E- walmart 200c for $6 or 500c for $14.44
No carb diet- we are just doing GF because I already can not have gluten.

Youtube had some great videos I will not share them because it seems as soon as the videos get out to public they are removed. So please browse them yourself or check my channel for the ones I saved.

linkies~ Too many bookmarks must store them all

Ancient Egypt
Ancient Greece
Ancient Rome

Ancient China
Flying, Swimming, land
Little house on the prarie


Alaska linkies this is the map of what the website contains: