Monday, November 4, 2013

November Samples

 See Attatchment in letter
language arts:
 See attatchment in letter
This is a bear Anna was fascinated with. I had to make her stay in my room when she came running in to the house exclaiming to me there was a bear in the neighbors yard playing in the sprinkler and it had a blue mouth. She learned that day mom was freaked out because bears run faster than the cars in the neighborhood, The bear was tattooed and collared that day and was just waking up from a tranq. we asked the guys a lot of question about her but I did not come out an take a pic till she was down the street.
On our Seward Sea life Center Field Trip Anna was able to show me that YES Ocean spiders really existed and it was not just crabs like mom thought.

social studies:
Adobe Photo Shop cropping pictures for a lapbook and pasting to new pic so she did not have to cute and glue and it used less paper to print.She ended up showing me a few tricks. Books on Kindle. Conferences on the laptop with Brainpop training sessions.She signs into T4L and does research on the internet through the laptop and my phone.
Foreign language:

A moose from one of our walks in the neighborhood
Botanical gardens moose. Exercise field trip

Music: We have joined our churches choir and listened to Halloween music. Touched a few composers by watching youtube videos on them. Anna is sensitive to sound so this can only be done when she wants to do it.
papyrus Reed immitation paper
 paper making on a window screen 
required reading for Art was A Single Shard. many of the activities are documented in the blog.
I.E.P.: Every Thursday I have a book club and many kids are gathered there. Anna gets to practice listening to instructions. Following someone elses rules. Getting along with others. She gets to play when she is good and getting along well with them. Most of the time this ends with me needing to leave because its too much for her.