Monday, November 4, 2013

November Samples

 See Attatchment in letter
language arts:
 See attatchment in letter
This is a bear Anna was fascinated with. I had to make her stay in my room when she came running in to the house exclaiming to me there was a bear in the neighbors yard playing in the sprinkler and it had a blue mouth. She learned that day mom was freaked out because bears run faster than the cars in the neighborhood, The bear was tattooed and collared that day and was just waking up from a tranq. we asked the guys a lot of question about her but I did not come out an take a pic till she was down the street.
On our Seward Sea life Center Field Trip Anna was able to show me that YES Ocean spiders really existed and it was not just crabs like mom thought.

social studies:
Adobe Photo Shop cropping pictures for a lapbook and pasting to new pic so she did not have to cute and glue and it used less paper to print.She ended up showing me a few tricks. Books on Kindle. Conferences on the laptop with Brainpop training sessions.She signs into T4L and does research on the internet through the laptop and my phone.
Foreign language:

A moose from one of our walks in the neighborhood
Botanical gardens moose. Exercise field trip

Music: We have joined our churches choir and listened to Halloween music. Touched a few composers by watching youtube videos on them. Anna is sensitive to sound so this can only be done when she wants to do it.
papyrus Reed immitation paper
 paper making on a window screen 
required reading for Art was A Single Shard. many of the activities are documented in the blog.
I.E.P.: Every Thursday I have a book club and many kids are gathered there. Anna gets to practice listening to instructions. Following someone elses rules. Getting along with others. She gets to play when she is good and getting along well with them. Most of the time this ends with me needing to leave because its too much for her.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Chocolate Art/Book Club/socializing/ Backyard playtime ( P.E.)

So Every Thursday I have a book club on being a good help-meet. It also ends up being a time where my daughter is learning how to socialize properly and finding out more reasons why she should follow instructions.
There is very little testing learning on this day because its good company.
Today A friend of mine invited us over to her house to do the book club and to make chocolates for her Halloween Party she is having this weekend.

My ddaughter did these. She had Help filling them with caramel and finish filling the jello molds but the coloring it was all her doing. she wanted the witch to have red hair and purposely made the pumpkin stem white and the bats face white too. She did a great job. The cat has an almost bite in it because she did not know mom was impressed and wanted to take a pic of it so she took the one out of her mouth so it could get some fame too. :)
I would like to report in with we have done lots of learning this week. The truth is its all been bahvioral and life skills.
I recently had to remove Bainpop from allowed sites to visit. she thought since it was learning she could do it and not her assigned homework.
What we were originially doing was not working for us. I am hoping by January we will have figured out something new and get back to testing smarts and not just random knowledge. If we could do the random knowledge she would be awesome but She is only diving deep into science and is forgetting many math skills.
I am sick of her thinking Homeschooling is play. It doesn't help that everyone thinks I can drop what I am doing and run off to do other stuff or on the days I can not drop what I am doing is because I am sick in bed, I am going to have crack down and make it very clear. I am a teacher now do not bug me till 3:30.
I am also sick of my husband not backing me up about a bed time he thinks since she has no place to be there is no reason why she should have a schedule. So when I send her to bed and she sneaks down to sit on the stairs he knows it and doesn't care and usually by that time if I take care of its not going to be pretty. I just really want a break.

I have called her doctor who is suppose to call me back tomorrow to make an appt. I really want to try medicine again. her learning has gotten way to random and she has gotten very defiant and sad to say is starting sound really dumb because she can not get thoughts together. Stuttering has also been a huge issue and that is new. anything with OO or Ue  ew causes her to stutter. Reading became more difficult for her as well. I do not know if this is a new phase or if its something she is settling into and see if we can finally find a medicine to help her with it.
I am very aware that these things she is going through could not be handled in a class environment and she would be learning nothing at all except getting upset and loosing patience. Many of my friends have seen that homeschooling is good for her. I am glad they share that with me because I am really struggling with it right now.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Math and music

My daughter is avoiding learning today. She even figured she would rather do her chores today. Almost everyone is celebrating today as a holiday anyway. However while she is off cleaning I am blaring my multiplication music I can find on Youtube.

I had found one that actually taught multiplication by the beats that was the number they were multiplying and taught the name of the beat but I lost it when my computer froze. I am hoping to find it again because I think it would make a great music lesson to know the names of the different beats. FOUND IT!

Yep I found it and I found out to see the rest of them its will cost me $15. Maybe next year for a math and music curriculum mix that would be awesome.

laura Ingalls Wilder

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Webinar and history

My daughter and I participated in a webinar today for brain pop and did it on webex. It was so neat. I really enjoyed it. I would love to see a pac meeting done one of those for moms who can not get out.
Anyways it was a huge technology lesson for both of us.
We learned all the different things brain pop offers. Vocab, games, cc guidelines and lesson plans. Even writing your own quizzes if you have purchased an account.
Brainpops customer service is amazing.
So even though we were tons of tech savy smarter when this was done. I was like lets listen to some history cds because laptop was super hot and needed to cool.
We put in the audio and these things must act like bedtime stories. I swear this is the 2nd time I have tried to listen to this history story and fell into a deep sleep.
My daughter said she changed out the cd and needs to listen to disc 3 again. She actually asked to listen to 3 again.  Uh yah you can!
I fell asleep at the beginning of disc 2.
She was telling me what she remembered. I am thinking this is what 5 lessons she thinks she should know in one day? I was impressed with what she told me and I think she knows it if she was asked questions which would of happened if her mother had not read herself to sleep for so many years. Its like a switch.
Oh yah also when I awoke there was art work presented to me. Yes she had finger painted how much she loved me. :) it was actually very nice and is hanging up on the door. I did stress she needs to ask next time.  I do not see evidence of this art occurring so she must of put it away and cleaned up already or I have not come across it yet. Both are possible.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Oct 1st as promised

So I promised my daughter on Oct 1st we would play Halloween music and make silhouettes for the window.
All was well until I asked her to make some.
She just wants to do words. I let her make " Boo"  then she wanted to do hi which I said no to.
I gave her a bunch of options to try. She then asked me if she could do a tree with eyes.
Yes of course.
So she made her tree with eyes. Yeah. She is not happy with it but I told her its fine and hung it up in the window next to her boo.
We finally achieved some art with some music appreciation thanks to pandora and the halloween channels.
I guess I should go outside and see what are deco looks like and take a pic even if wr are not finished because the window looks bare.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Freeday that fit with zoology

So I downloaded Balto last night. I was thinking oh my daughter will love it. She can read it and get some of the Alaska history requirements in at the same time.
It was a major fail.
First I know my childs reading ability is exceptional. This book is on the 3rd grade reading list for B.O.B. and says its a level 2 reader.
Antitoxen, serum, antidote, diphtheria plus a few more big words. I am greatful to find a challenge for her but it has very few pictures (unusual for an I can read book) she lost interest because she has heard the story.
So today I was super duper sick. Huge headache and could not find any medicine and was suppose to have tons of company over. Yep
So my daughter is like, yeah moms sick its a freeday.
So after company left and everyone checked thier vehicle's for Tylenol pr motrin. Yeah someone had some ibuprofen.  I played so sad that I hurt to bad to read my library book and that I might feel better if she read it to me. I had it on the kindle on my phone app and my device. We followed along with each other till chapter 3. My daughter lost all attention after that and I did not feel like trying to corral her in anymore.
We may try it again to see how it goes when I feel better and dont feel like my head and eye balls are going to turn into grenades.
Ooh we also printed out some cute pumpkin units but I am thinking it might of been a waste of paper.
We also watched some animal videos on discovery with flying squirrels and chipmunks prepping for winter. Oh we saw this rabbit type animal that had fangs and eats dead birds brains it stored in ice. Made bunnicula look like an angel and more plausible. Cute and scary.

Monday, September 23, 2013

History being continued


meso means between in Greek and potamia means water. I pointed out to my daughter that Potable means water is drinkable. She is also aware in Spanish Mesa means land, table or Flat area on hill.
just a little not to how we all connect even though we are so far apart. It really is a small world.

So my daughter and I discussed just going through History Until we finish it. She wants to do it like it were units. I just want to feel like we achieved a lot before December when we take the month off because I really feel like we have been slacking. I have been reading Homeschooling books that say that his happening your first year is normal. That your child is still learning more than what they would of in a classroom setting and the doubting process will end once you see your child is indeed meeting your goals. My problem is I made goals for a school year not for Christmas. So what I am seeing needs to be done by Christmas may be too much. I have 8 weeks to meet or do not meet it.

We hit a big rut when my daughter decided she was going to forget how to do lasts years math and could not refigure it out for anything. I had discussed it with my husband. I asked him should I panic or just be like... See she has an IEP? he said do not lower your standards. He said he talked to a homeschooler and there biggest mistake they saw other parents do was lower the standards to the point to where the children were not learning much of anything.
Well I do not know what he was trying to tell me but I did tell him. I do not lower my standards for my daughters special needs. I expect her to be as smart as the all the other kids. It may take us longer to get there but I am not going to skip something and claim oh its her special needs. I will claim them though if we do not finish everything I planned to by a certain date.

So today we finished lesson 21 in the history book. There are 35 lessons.
In Story of the World  we are on Chapter 8 ...sort of I think I said earlier why the sort of. We bought it for audio. It was missing disc 1 and disc 2 starts on 8 so we are like whoo hoo we can listen to it now. but the xbox skips parts. :( I hope it does not do that in any other music players because I would really like to see how listening to history works in the car. Actually now that I think about it would not work because I like to stop and verify she is listening or understood it. I like doing them both because we pick up on different things out of each of them. Our history is more  biblical and story of the world is history.
uhh I was going to make her do some T4L today but she is reading The Story of the World. Its chapters we have already read but this time when she reads it she will not forget as easy. So I am going to let her continue reading it instead.

Saturday history and foriegn languages

So Friday night and Saturday was a history day.
We watched Moses on youtube. My daughter fell asleep sometime after they recieved the 10 commandments but before they built the temple.
I wonder if this means we are finished with Egypt?
We tried to listen to story of the world on x box but it kept skipping chapters as though it were on mix or something.
She ended up turning it into an art tech lesson as she kept trying to see which moving pics made mom motion sick and which did not.

Later my security mail for my daughters account popped up saying the mic had been activated. I asked my daughter what mic? She was oh right there and pointed to holes next to the camera. She was all you told me about it. :) ooh she is listening.
So we went to mango languages and played around getting badges in spanish and pirate. :)
I had to listen to pirate till she went to bed. :)

Friday, September 20, 2013

Lots of reading and questions

My daughter and I love to read. We have been doing lots of it.
I had her do some reading from the mcguffey readers level 2. She loves the poetry and I love the lessons with morals.
We are currently working on solomon owl by Arthur Scott Bailey.
We are learning lots from it.
 Pullets are chickens less than a year old.
 She is learning about owls through solomon and his cousin simon screecher. We laughed real hard on the Halloween chapter. We were in the doctors office waiting room laughing.
I am glad we had the good book because the t.v. they had playing had the news reporting awful things.
I have been requesting her to do math on time4learning but when I check her work she has not been knocking out 3rd grade work. She has been doing 4th grade work. This is not bragging. You see she keeps doing all the ones she likes or knows how to do. We are not achieving goals by this. Pretty soon all that will be left are the ones she does not like and thinks are torture. I guess I could view it as we can find something else to teach those areas but I worry would that be spoiling and teaching her if you don't like it find something else and give up on what you have? This also is falling under not following instructions.
My computer died and my printer is not compatible with the laptop for some weird reason. I have been just wanting to print out math packets and be like here. That way she remembers why she originally loved T4L. That way we can carry them with us too.
It seems everyone is like ooh you homeschool your child so you are available for everything now.  Uuuh yah sort of but no.
I am getting sick of running off everywhere to do other things. I would like to feel accomplished in my home schooling tasks. Yes she is still learning but I want to learn with her too.
I am getting to a point to where if you are not scheduled with me already its not going to happen till after 5.
Including Saturdays!
If its not educational or an emergency/emotional distress we are not going and you can call a cab or a service. This last minute stuff is awful.
Ok whew now I just need to find a way to say that nicely.
I really wish I had all my files I had ready on my computer. It seems though everyone in my church is being challenged right now.  We go through waves like this. This one needs to break soon. I feel guilty when there is nothing I should be guilty of. Maybe the guilt is over my feelings on the situation I also feel angry and drained because it feels like it has messed with our goals.
I need to see what comes first education or compassionate service?
If I was being given time to prep for a school day away from home its one thing I just stopped doing that though because she can not work with distraction at all.
Cereal and everything in my house beckons to her to be more important so imagine outside the home.
Well that's all I can think of for now. We seem to be constantly researching stuff that is not on the learning plan. I am beginning to feel as though I will despise it. 
My husband says oh put in an amendment but I don't think he realizes if I don't want to write it I am sure the other people would get sick of reading it and filing it.
I don't know how long units last but so many I have just wanted to drop everything to do one and come back later. Is it considered extra stuff or what?
To be edited and fixed on a computer some day... maybe. Mobile posting.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

literature today- Thanksgiving and Psalm 100

our lesson in our lit book is a thanksgiving one. I really liked it though and wanted to share it.
 The assignment is to read Psalms 100.
 your vocab for the day is:
 and any other words that come up that need explanation but those are the ones we are pondering the deeper meaning to.
Now your assignment is to write a Family Psalm together. Express your gratitude and your blessings that came from the lord. Everyone writes a line even family members who are away you save a space for them to add to it.

you can find more to this assignment in Latter-day Learning The family school Year 1 Literature book lesson 7

Monday, September 2, 2013

update history

So been doing a bunch of crazy field trips and meetings. Shew I guess everyone in the homeschooling world actually waits to August to get things done. I want to start teaching my child already.

So here is an update.... She has been doing her Time4Learning and in the free time has been playing on the Brainpop apps on my phone. There educational but do not fit in with my IEP. There is ones on there that do but I am not going to restrain her to them. She is building interests for future lessons.

We downloaded a free science app from Even-Moore publishers. It said it was a learning game but to me it was more of a vocabulary flashcard type thing. A step up from a PowerPoint lesson. It is a great supplement. I got it because it said 3-4 and thought I could use it for next years lessons and let my daughter try it. Yep its super easy for her but again building interest.

 We went to the fair where there was an Egyptian exhibit. It would of been awesome but we were disappointed in the nature of some of the replicas. I was impressed with my daughter though. She went around telling people all about Egyptians and mummification process. It was nice to see some of the replicas though because you knew they tried to get them close. There were some items in there that did look real. I kept thinking why did the grave robbers leave that behind? Was it so common they did not see it valuable or too big or too obvious? the exhibit had huge pictures hung on the wall of the tomb and maps to where items were.

So so far we have played a board game used hieroglyphs . learned about the Nile. Several gods and some kings and Anna on her own learned about the queen and some other things in Africa surrounding Egypt. we covered Egyptian government and laws.

Today we covered more about Egyptians gods and how they looked like animals and the kings let cities fight over whose gods were better so they people were distracted from how he ruled.

Monday, August 26, 2013


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Slacking on LDSHS-knocking out T4L

well We are waiting for LDSHS to send us our actual books. My computer is a mess from all the downloads they. sent us. they changed the lesson numbers and the activity sheet numbers so I am just going to wait for the arrival for the actual books. I had everything sorted nice and neat by lessons in there own folders and then added the new downloads in the same folder thinking they are the same and they are not. since I put all my outsource materials in there too its made it just time consuming to fix.

So instead we have been doing Time4learning while waiting for materials to arrive. The bad part of this is the lessons are different than what I had planned to put on my ILP. I do not plan to change my ILP because I still plan to teach the other subjects. The good news is, if my daughter does two stars ( or new lessons) a day in each subject we can take the entire month of December off and still finish in March.
Is it a bad thing I find out she did 5 or more lessons in a subject? I love that she did them. I just really wished she realized mommy would like time on the comp to plan other lessons.

The whole computer thing got solved today though. WHOOO HOOO!!! We got a laptop with our funding and it came in today. I 'm actually using it now because I am testing out after setting parts of it up. That has a small kink too. the cord that came in the box was damaged. sally, The IDEA Rep., let me use her tonight and tomorrow plan to the whole switcheroo. I want to get stuff bookmarked and ready so not to waste time. My daughter, She does enough of that with snacking. That's going to break her heart that unlike with my computer where I have the tower placed up higher hoping to not get spills on it so she could snack ( not that I wanted her too it was just a rule I kept breaking so could not ask her to follow it)she will not be able to eat or drink with the laptop at all. maybe we will work it out she will use the comp till she is done then we will switch because I have to have a mouse. I copy and paste everything since I am a linker.

Went officially to my first PAC meeting today. Some great things came up that taught me tons of new things. High schoolers are suppose to look at transcripts after grades and make sure everything is correct. its really hard to fix items from freshman year when you are suppose to be a senior but no college wants you for lack of credits or subjects. pretty sweet lets see a public school provide that service quarterly. well actually most do now that they went to the internet grading thing for parent viewing I am sure.

We also have been assigned a teacher too. Sally told me who it was and I would recognize it from a name thing, so I need to go one and drill the name into my head.

Now if I just need to figure out why this laptop will not sign into the IDEA webpage. I was all excited I could do my IEP electronically now that I have the programs to do it and I'll be tootin if that thing did not sign in to allow me to save it to the laptop. :(. Sheesh. This ILP and I if it existed somewhere in a body it would get a real stern talking too. even my paper copies grew legs and ran somewhere even though I kept it in a special folder. the folder has other stuff in there but the ILP turned invisible or something. I will eventually have so many filled out it will not be able to hide anymore. "Hey ILP peek-a-boo is for babies come out and play fair!"

I filled that thing out so many times its should be easy. If I just could do it electronically.
So between tons of field trips ( PE Excursions) like botanical gardens, compassionate service cleaning and babysitting and library events. She has been doing T4L and that is why my weeks of new subjects have not been up. Our books should be getting mailed sometime in the next week or so I hope since they did an actual pick up of them In Utah from the sponsoring school. then we should be able to get back to work on the LDSHS stuff. To me its more fun because I am learning that stuff that too.
Well my turtle is giving me dirty looks and is trying to hide in a dark corner which means he is telling me to turn out the lights already and go to bed. The poor guy. I wish his habitat were bigger so I could put a bigger box in there for a dark spot. its too big to cover at night. anyways blah blah we all need to get to bed and get on a schedule. Tomorrow the neighbors have there first day of school and will be making lots of noise really early in the morning.

History week

Noah and the ark- She learned it in church and its discussed everytime a baby section is passed.
The tower of Bethel

Egyptian Senet game:

papyrus imitation

Did writing her name in Lap book for Story of the world in hieroglyphics.
Filmed daughter practicing the mummification process on her doll. I noticed that a prescription label was showing in to high of detail to post on the internet. So you will have to know me personally on facebook to view it. Sorry folks it turned out real cute too and my daughter was super funny.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Fun friday *(BOOM)*

Today Anna has earned her free friday. She can do whatever she wants thats educational.
I think the too many choices is overwhelming her so this might not work.
Need to get some idea feed back will have to report what happens.

When asked for feedback it blew up in my face except for one good advice of have pre planned on a popsicle sticks or something they can lottery to overcome the overwhelmingness. To note the only reason why I feel that my question blew up in my face is a mom reminded me what I originally wanted to do but did not know till too late it was option and already made a plan for school and  spent money on it. That was that everyday should be free time and do child lead learning.

Our Free Friday Walk:

I tried it for a week. Its not going to work. my child is fine with reading and doing nothing but whine all day. without direction she did do nothing but whine about everything. She spent an entire day. I mean an entire day learning something that had already been taught to her ( units, tens, hundreds, in math )

This will not work with my child, however I did make sure she got bored with light switches before she could reach them by holding her there to flip them and she did not do it like other kids do when they can reach them. So who knows maybe she would eventually get bored with that too and move one but oh would it ever be such an extremely slow process.

Technology day at the library during our try out of free time week at least it fit tech criteria:

my favorite cleaning sites

These are my two favorite house organizers sites for everyday. Holiday list however is much longer and a whole different ballgame in my house. I have a holiday plan and two procrastinate holiday plans just in case life happens.<<< this is a purging system it takes about 6 months<<<< This is everything but can be overwhelming if you do not follow her babysteps. Its one new habit a month and building and it is not for the person who wants it done now. It also takes 6 months for results and habit building do not repeat till 1 year because it is a 12 step process.
I have my own process of making these two systems work together when I actually do it. I have many days of debilitating pain and slothfulness for fear of flare ups and a for real pack rat/hoarder who actually spirals if I purge too much at once. I recommend these for the homes that are embarrassed to have company come over or have family members that would have a hard time adjusting.
these require planners and lists so you can see your new habits and learn how to tweak them to work for your garbage days and family plans.
For anyone else I would recommend the merry maid system. Start an entry way start from the ceiling and work your way down counter clockwise around the house and the rooms with a basket of clean supplies and a basket to send items to other rooms and a garbage bag.
My experience: I have been a maid at a hotel. A nanny to 10 kids. U.S. Army boot camp and training for cooking and sanitation. I worked on 2 different bases for sanitation services and was employed by pizzahut to raise there sanitation grade which I successfully succeeded in 3 months time after training all there employees. I was two classes short to be hired by the state health department in sanitation and I have ran two kitchens as the head cook. I am always looking at cleaning tips and planners very rarely come across anything new when I do its not  more pleasant or safer.

What are your favorite cleaning sites or cleaning planners?

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Geography class and spanish practice

Today Anna Started on her new country Sri Lanka. And recorded Geography facts about it

She is now watching Los Amigos for spanish practice.

She played outside and babysat the turtles until one got away and we had to find him.

She spent the morning doing her Time 4 learning after I was done looking up book curriculums for the battle of the book books.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Fast class and Independence

So July 3rd I had a FAST class. I am so glad I attended that class. Before the class I ran around and paid a bill. We had some time left before the class and I got change from my bill. I took my daughter out to eat at one of our local Spanish chain restaurants which are affordable and gluten free depending on what you order. There I asked her to speak Spanish. She ordered her order in Spanish. The people there were speaking Spanish when we came in and we were quite excited. However they quieted down after we ordered. They did love Anna Spanish and there eyes became very large. Anna pointed to everything she remembered in Spanish and told me what it was called. Drove me up the wall. I kept smiling saying very good hunny. However towards the end I was like EAT and be quiet. However it was said like thank you for the vocab lesson mom has class soon and we still need to drive there.
Let me tell you, all the chairs and tables have Spanish carved and painted murals on them. Plus hung on the walls is Spanish art. So she had lots to point at.
I had brought her day of homework with us to the class. She has a writing assignment and you would think it was causing her pain. She absolutely hates writing.
When she was at school she would make up enough excuses to get out of it or throw a fit till they moved on and they let her do this for two years.  She only has 1st grade writing ability if that.
So the assignment was some pictures that had scripture reference on them. I printed out the pics wallet size. She cut and glued them. I had to fix it because she glued them all on the same page saying she did not hear me. I was don't worry I will do it, and tore them all off her first page and glued them each on there own page so she could write the scripture that goes with the pic in her journal.
She has missed out on lots of fun stuff till its done and she only sort of gets upset about it and says she will give it up not to write. Well its not said but very implied.
She even knows I have lots of rewards for her when its done. She gets gum while she is doing it.
I was surprised how well she did do for the stuff she got done. Usually she writes them all different sizes and sloping but she was trying to write her letters between the lines some were capitalized when they shouldn't be but if I picked on her about that she would never write again.
She tells me I pretended to be a secretary to get this much done.  Awww.
So July 4, oh my gosh, she wanted history lessons. She was asking 7th grade questions.  Liberty bell. Statue of liberty. Independence.  She wanted to know it all. I was like "uh honey HELP!"
The only thing I could explain in detail was the statue of liberty.  You see its art and family history studies. So I had learned about it.
We then went home to do her homework because it needed to be finished before fireworks.  She did not care. Even though she knew we had smoke bombs and pop its. She asked if they expire and said we can do them next year.
Today my stomach pain is back I think coleslaw makes me sick.  It must be psychological because I looked up other people's allergies and its totally different.  Anyways I am in bed trying to keep everything going in one direction. Doing an excellent job at that. Only I run back and forth. Well run one direction mope the other with a flop slide and a roll.
I think I will have my daughter keep me company or do time 4 learning.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Stomach ache but there was still progress-History

So of course. My daughters first official day of homeschooling and I end up having a stomach ache that kept me up the entire night.
My daughter did her scripture study by watching videos and then did her time 4 learning.  She told me she did her math in it but forgot to do LA stuff. I am not too worried because we seem to be covering that stuff anyways in her lit class. I still want her to show she knows it though.
This is a history week. It was more stuff on gods order. We already had a cleaning chart and decided to show the cycle of mosquitos of gods order. My daughter related other cycles she knows. Bees and pumpkin seeds. Somehow I got lost and forgot to tell her we can see cycles in history and use them to predict things. Hmm. Hopefully writing that down and I can bring that up tomorrow.

We did discussed visions as a way to predict the future though and read to her George Washington's prediction given to him by many Indian tribes Holy man, who was made there chief and rep. You really should read it. I cried but then again I was sick all night and I am very emotional.

We read two chapters in our Sotw book and did our lapbook. Can you believe it my daughter turned around and gave me a lesson too. She even knew what book to reference and showed me. I guess certain body parts went into certain jars. Its not mentioned in sotw but it was in one of her Egypt books.
 I printed out a coloring page of the jars and asked her to label them for me.
The liver was protected by the man-headed Imsety 
  • The lungs were protected by the baboon-headed Hapi
  • The stomach was protected by the jackal-headed Duamutef
  • The intestines were protected by the falcon-headed Qebehsenuef
    We also prepped parts of tomorrows Enoch lesson. That has me curious because when I did a search to see if I could find something fun, I found out the Jewish have a book of Enoch. Its mostly visions from what I noticed at a glance. I am curious.
    I spent the rest of the day getting repeatedly asked tons of questions that were answered before. Mostly about Independence day. Its her making up for lost attention.  If I just sit her on my lap or love on her she stops. All is well and we did not loose a day of teaching even though I still am not in tip top shape.

    Friday, June 28, 2013

    Brighty of the Grand Canyon

    Updated with a few new links we may read it in 2015-16 year for the 1800's study.

    yah all these links I found in google really sucked and most wanted you to buy a book wrote years ago that is not downloadable for $11.00 then pay shipping too. There was no preview to the books to see if it was even worth it. I am sorry no can do. If anyone did purchase it though and enjoyed it please let me know.,%20Mule,%20or%20Boat.pdf
    Yep ignore all them because all the good info I got from them is wrote in my google doc and posted here.
    uh we thought of Eeyore for some reason so ta dah!

    we are doing geology next year or may have dived further into that to expand it but if I were to do that now then she would be extremely board next year but I can bring it up next year as remember that story with the Donkey.......,%20Mule,%20or%20Boat.pdf

    As i come up with more while reading I will be blogging about it. :) if finds any free lessons that have more stuff please share them with me. Thanks :)

    Wednesday, June 26, 2013

    A single shard Cont.

    Tree ear mushroom

    1. Celadon A type of ceramic pottery developed during the Koryo Dynasty in the ninth
    or tenth centuries in Korea. Celadon has a distinctive pale grayish green

    2. Earthenware The coarser sort of containers, tableware, etc., made of baked clay
    3. Entourage A group of associates or attendants
    4. Harangue A long, blustering, noisy or scolding speech
    5. Impudent Shamelessly bold or disrespectful; shameless
    6. Inlaid Set in pieces into a surface of another material so as to form a smooth
    7. Insolence Boldly disrespectful in speech or behavior
    8. Jiggeh [chige] An open-framed backpack made of branches.
    9. Kiln A furnace or oven for drying, burning, or baking something, as bricks,
    grain, or pottery
    10. Paulownia An Asiatic tree of the figwort family, with large, heart-shaped leaves and
    large, erect clusters of fragrant, violet flowers
    11. Peninsula A land area almost entirely surrounded by water and connected with the
    mainland by an isthmus
    12. Scholar A specialist in a particular branch of learning, especially in the humanities
    13. Shard A fragment or broken piece, especially of pottery; potsherd
    14. Slip Ceramics clay thinned to the consistency of cream for use in decorating or
    casting, or as a cement or coating
    16. Spade A heavy, flat bladed, long-handled tool used for digging by pressing the
    metal blade into the ground with the foot
    17. Spoor The track or trail of an animal, especially of a wild animal hunted as game
    18. Surreptitiously Acting in a secret, stealthy way
    19. Terse Free of extra words; short; concise
    20. Trepidation Fearful uncertainty; anxiety


        Both the designs and shapes used in Koryo celadon were representations of the spiritual beliefs of the Korean people. These beliefs were fostered by Shamanism, and the Buddhist beliefs of the era. Following are the symbols most commonly used on inlaid celadon and their meanings.

    Circle: The circle represents the Sun and worship for the Sun.

    Fish: The fish represents a superior realization.

    Lotus: The lotus stands for the Sun and mercy of Buddha

    Tiger: The tiger design symbolizes a guardian, and charm.

    Peony: The peony depicts richness and honors.

    Dragon: The dragon stands for the all mighty.

    Duck: The duck symbolizes the Premiere ranking.

    Chrysanthemum: The chrysanthemum symbolizes health and well being.

    Crane: The crane represents Immortality

    Pine Tree: The pine tree depicts royalty and fidelity.


        In addition to the above symbols and their meanings, the actual shape of the vessels has meaning as well. The shapes of the vessels are derived from nature, as in the case of the bamboo shoot-shaped pot shown here, or the Korean melon (Cham-wae) shaped vase here. Other shapes adopted from nature include animal shaped vessels or those with animals as part of their shapes like the turtle decorated incense burner here. The human form is also subtly represented in Korean pottery. The vases and bottles (Mae-byeong, Ju-byeong), represent male and female respectively. The long slender shape of the bottles with a gentle slope at the bottom expresses the voluptuous beauty of femininity, while the wide shoulder and stockiness of the vases,here, represents the masculine form.

    Korean flag

    korean recipes:
    Loved this blog Very helpful instructions on making Korean dishes.

    Tuesday, June 25, 2013

    25th Christmas prep, craft, storage, money stash day

    I learned to do this from a forum I tried to join. You see I normally start preparing for holidays in August. I get a planner all printed out. Recipes are picked and then nothing else gets done except making christmas cards that do not get sent. The christmas card not getting sent thing is not my doing. My husband will not do anything at all unless I spell things out for him how it will affect his life so getting him to buy stamps and ask his family for there address is like pulling teeth. I still have christmas cards on my computer desk from last year with names of people they go to on them. They live in town so he would not stamp them.
    Anyways the purpose of my Alarm reminder every 24th to plan for today is to save money. Plan prep or stash.
    Today I am teaching my daughter to craft. She wants to make a winter hat.
    She is learning to knifty knit. We will see how long her patience lasts before her ADHD makes her loose interest. She has been taught how to do it though so at least I can say I achieved in teaching her how to do it. She has the capabilities of making a tube hat now at the age of 8. Well that is if someone else teaches her to finish it off so it does not unravel if I am not around to do it.
    Hahah! Surprise your mom is blogging about you!

    The project she is doing was a project of her fathers I unraveled. He had started it to prove how super easy it was. My daughter has already gotten as far as he did and she does not have the tool he did that he broke trying to caveman the yarn into position.
    I now just need to break away to do my own christmassy thing. Hmm wonder what I should do. I have some pics of ornaments I want to replicate

    but I did learn some new tree decorating skills that I found through pinterest ( that makes me think I need to curr and restock some ornaments or at least change them to make them work. Time to get to work and come back later to post some pics and links. My tree colors is red silver and gold. I have been working on trying to find Symbolism stuff to crochet white ornaments for my tree.

    Friday, June 21, 2013

    No school today, cleaning and crafting

    Today I had my daughter practice keeping all these lessons on cleanliness and standards on her room. I sat in there for awhile with her and worked on a project I have been wanting to do. We ended up having to set a timer for 15 minutes and making it a game to see how much she could finish in that time and she got more done in that time than she had all day. She also watched an episode of Horrible Histories on youtube and started asking me tons of questions on William Shakespeare and she did an image search on him which then made a ton more questions. I noticed my Shakespeare book of plays is gone. I wonder if she is reading it?
    So I posted my project at and did not want to rewrite to all of it so if you notice a difference on the page here is because I decided to just copy and paste it here so I can share it here on my blog as well.
    So I bought Flip Flops at Michaels after seeing a project on Pinterest. The link to the pinterest project was broke so I did a bunch of looking till I came across felt bottoms and other projects that were similar.
    I drew lines with the flip flops together so I could make the holes match as closely as I could. I could of made it nicer with a ruler but I am very impatient. I made them width of the crochet hook I used. I used a metal poker that use to belong some walnut set a long time ago but is now used for other things. Then finally found my Yarn needle and did my best to thread the yarn through the holes. I almost broke my plastic yarn needle :( it was not easy.
    Oh and for further projects of this kind if I ever do it again. I will put the flip flop on and trace my foot. My slipper is huge  and I could make the holes deeper making the slipper sturdier. I am worried about the foam ripping because you do not go all the way to the bottom.
    After you get the thread wrapped around the flip flops its time to start crocheting your pattern around the edges. I singled crocheted to begin with.
    Then I doubled crocheted around. 3 rows. My pattern said 2.5 cm but it looked way too short and felt like it would not hold to my feet so I added the 3rd row.
    From this point on I did not follow any written pattern. I was going to originally crochet two humongous roses and use them for the tops but again it seemed like too much work and I was excited about finishing them.
    umm lets see.....
    chain 4. slip to form ring. 
    8 sc in ring. slip stitch to first sc.
    sc in sc. chain 3, 2 treble not finishing and leaving the last loops on the hook. Single crochet through all 3 loops and chain 2. 3 treble leaving last stitches on hook like before. Single crochet through all 3 loops and chain 2. repeat till you have 8 petals and end with chain 2 and slip stitch into the top of single crochet that bunched the loops.
    2Sc in the ch2 area ch 1 2 sc ch 1. in next ch 2 area 3 double crochet chain 3 3 double crochet ch 1. Repeat 
    I just matched the edges to the other edges trying to keep both sides matching as best as I could.Everything was basically eye balled finishing with a tight single crochet around the area I would put my foot in.
    I crocheted a chain that fit around the bottom and sc back on it to widen it. I am in the process of gluing it to the bottom of the slippers to hide marker marks and to just dress up and hopefully the glue might go into the holes and make the slipper sturdier and help keep the foam from ripping.
    I left the flip flop in tact on the inside because they are huge ( hence the tracing the foot tip) and they still wear like a flip flop. My husband who is like extremely picky and is usually very negative about my clothing style ( he thinks I dress like an old lady) thought they were very cute. :)

    Wednesday, June 19, 2013


    Flag Symbolism and coloring
    South Korea and mapping
    continue reading A Single Shard.
    looked up how Yellow Sea got its name.

    Tuesday, June 18, 2013

    Geography lesson 1 and 2

    Well again we talked about heavenly Fathers order and how Geography helps us keep stuff in earth in order. We talked about different ethnicities and climates and how they affect one another and the holidays they keep.
    We looked at the Geography Flashcards with terms and vocab on them. Read some scripture passages that contained the terms and how they were used as symbols or similes to ways we should behave and choose the right.
    The lesson asked for our children to choose their own country in Asia  to learn details about. Of course because of the A single shard. She chose South Korea.
    So this page  is open to copy my links onto to help make some good lesson plans.,-korea-lesson-plan/

    Monday, June 17, 2013

    Art Lesson 1 today

    Today in Art class we used scriptures to see how heavenly Father set examples of creativity through the art he has created for us here on earth. The definition of art was looked up. The art project was decorating pages for her 3 ring Binder for her sorting pages. I also have her decorating the outside the binder as well. During that time I am suppose to read to her from the book called "A Single shard" by Linda Sue Park
    Words to look up:
    paulownia tree
    Ch'ulp'o South Korea

    lessons to use with your child and the book:
    I noticed while doing research for this that many links on other peoples pages had been dissolved. Please write me and let me know when a link is no longer valid or if you find a cool resource. Thank you :)