Monday, January 2, 2012

Ended Day 19 of 17 day diet-No more

Ok ok. That diet did work if the only thing you are concerned about is loosing weight. I will not cut down those who do it because it did work and for many they do not have any issues.

Here was what happened to me....... I found myself in the bishops office confessing all the enmity I was feeling towards everyone and everything. Everytime I looked at a noodle, bun, beans or rice, I would end up feeling caged and just want to cry. When I cheated on the diet believe it or not it was not sugar I was running for like I thought it would be. It was starches that usually help with depression. I was not listening to what my body needed.
I was drinking my 8 glasses of water and peeing every 30 minutes to an hour and I would take me an hour to use the bathroom in which it felt like were stones or large rocks and made symptoms of hemroids come back that I had not experienced since pregnancy.
I was sleeping all the time and I even had thoughts of hopelessness. I knew I was going to allow myself to eat what ever I wanted for Christmas and found myself counting the days for freedom.The week before Christmas I was feeling so awful I finally talked to Bishop and he asks what has changed. I told him the only obvious change that I have done is my diet. He did not say anything to me after that just let me vent but to me it was very obvious The strict diet of no carbs and no sugar is not for me.
I still plan to use many of the menu choices in the diet because the list of low carbs foods is fantastic but I am not gonna follow it as strictly as before so I do not find myself suicidal or in constant flux and prayer begging for   heavenly father to take my anger away when I am on  the diet that does not follow his teachings.
I would of phased to part 3 of that 17 day diet on New Years Eve.
I had lost 10 pounds and even though I have been eating like crazy since Christmas I have only gained a pound even with mother natures visit.
I am going to try something different this time  and pray for the best.

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