Monday, March 25, 2013

An 8 year olds Easter at my house

So its been a tradition of mine to teach the kids st 8 years old how to cook. There first lesson is usually hard boiled eggs and how to devil them. Naturally these lessons begin around Easter.

I have read its best to use eggs that ate atleast 5 days old. I am thinking basically any you get at the store fits that bill. If not some say add an acid like vinegar and others are saying add an akaline like baking soda. However in my house it does not matter becsuse naturally we like to dye them and the shell will be soaked in vinegar and food coloring.

So put eggs evenly in a pot with an inch of water covering them then put pot on to boil. Once water boils remove pan from heat and let sit 10-15 minutes. Run cold water over them to stop the cooking process.
Time to crayon and dye them also if you want your deviled eggs colored crack the shells before dying and soak in dye. Very marble looking when its peeled.

Slice peeled eggs long ways and put yellow yoke in ziplock baggy add mustard mayo s&p according to a recipe your child picks out and squish in the bag. Cut a tip and pipe back in egg and sprinkle the top with some red. Cayan paprika or seasoning salt. Or if you want to get really fancy a spicy sauce design like used on sushi.

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