Wednesday, April 23, 2014

December Break

Well we worked all summer to take the entire month of December we thought.
We did tinker though.
So we did the hour of code this month for 3 hours.
Mostly this month we played Minecraft and I kept trying to explain programming to my daughter who wpuld ask me why this and that.
We expanded our village to see small villagers run around and get in our way. They kept falling into our mines. My daughter would say oh maybe the villagers will..... (put something in here to them being alive and having emotions here). Over and over again I explain they are just a program with instructions.  You can't ( whatever her idea is ) to make them mad or happy.
They can have babys ,now what? It must be very disapointing for her.
We sang songs and after Thanksgiving watched almost every free christmas movie available on Hulu.
My daughter had lost her two front teeth and listened to the song. They were peeking through by Christmas.
For Christmas she only asked for clothes. She got a piano keyboard and stacks of books instead. She always gets a years supply of lipgloss.. she recieved eyeshadow and finger nail polish too. Toothbrush, paste and floss as well.

All her clothes are in my room because she lost them for not keeping them off the floor and kept putting clean clothes back into the laundry.

Anyways back to educational stuff. Oh now I remember my route I was going to...we are in the process of cleaning up Holiday fun so we can get back to work come this January. I need to get is back on a schedule too.

She read tons of books instead of sleeping. I think she was rereading stuff. Sants gifts of books though came in handy and so did the schools partnership with Barnes snd Nobles to get her new reading material.  Most of them BOB books.
She woke me last night begging for more Ottoline books.
There not on kindle yet.:(

Checking out books with our own very large collection is bad. They get lost and finding them is is very burdensome. So if its not electronic its probably not happening because I can by the book with the fines we get. I hate buying books she finishes in an hour or two because a movie would be more worth it. Its value retention stays higher too.

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