Sunday, March 1, 2015

Crying wolf- The Moms view

I seriously think a man wrote the fable of crying wolf. I don't know because I did not actually look it up but here is why I assume so.

 Even though it clearly states the lesson was not to continue to lie or people will stop believing you when its real.
but here is what a mom hears: OH MY listen to my child every single time because this time it could be truth.
or we hear. Ok I know my husband never forgot to pick up the kids before but if I do not remind him this one time, it will be the time he forgets.
Do not ask me how a mom goes from lying to forgetting, but we do it just happens, and it makes perfect sense to us.

So my moral to this is Never write a moral we make up our own see another in it anyway, but do keep sharing them or make up your own.

Have you ever heard a completely different lesson from moral story?

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