Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Playing "March of Empires"

I started playing this game a couple of weeks ago. I got a lot of real bad instructions. Some people take the spying to real life instead of the characters in the game. That's too much for a game. It is poor sporting.

When I first started playing someone told me it was like Risk. Our job was to take over as many capitals as we can and hold them. I do not know if they really did not know or if they were another one of those poor sports who feared a total newbie. We are only allowed 20 capitals. Just enough to make a path to the center. The center is supposed to be your goal.

All the Wikis seem to only copy the little information dots that are in the game. With that being said the information in the game is very vague making the wikis not very good.

The higher the capital the more bonus or better statistic features you get. The game board is set up like a bullseye. The closer to the center you get, the better at the game you are, than everyone else.

1. Give yourself a name already. It is my peeve to see a bunch of castles running around. Respect yourself and the game and go to the upper left-hand corner next to your champion and click on your might. Give yourself a name. Then you do not look like a loser who is going to quit any day now. If you can not find it still, please look in your item bag for a "change name".

2. Fill all your spaces around your castle and your castle grounds. I distributed mine evenly among resources. you will get lots of demolitions so you can change it later if you want more one that the other later. Level them all up to level 5 or more. Then you can focus one building at a time till level 10.

3. champion gear- You get it from farming resources dry or by attacking the rebel camps. The one I am currently playing look like skulls but I am aware they change from watching youtube videos. You can do both of these with shields.

4. Be a team player. It is not about you. It is about your team. Do not start something that is going to weaken your alliance. If your alliance is not keeping up with you, assist them or move out.

5.I came on here to do calculations about how often my castles should be able to portal. We are growing and are making a line but we are going to need to teleport.
I have a really lazy alliance so I am not going to figure in the 500 gold you can get every 2 days because I am pretty sure half of mine are not able to. :(  yes I think many of mine are strays but we are family. So that leaves 100 gold a day doing daily quests and portals are..... 525 gold so we should be able to portal in a week. if people save their quest gold for that. If I have them portal every two weeks this gives them growing opportunities to be prepared to take out the alliances.

6. Do not go attacking castles unless you have a stockpile of soldiers. It is easier and faster to put your soldiers in your capital and tease them to attack you. Your walls will kill their soldiers and you can attack them when they are farming. You should save your soldiers for taking a capital or take turns in your alliance farming the castles of another alliance while the rest invade the capital.

7. Seriously say your prayers those Castle Gods do not find you. you know the ones, that paid money so they are so high leveled they are bored and think making you squeal is their goal in life. They do not even care to play the game anymore because it might ruin their numbers. keep your shields handy. I have a level 21 camping out with me now after he fed on my alliance all evening. We are newbies and very green. I think we will see who is going to play the game and who is going to quit after this.
want to know his secret... my champion is only a little behind his. HAHAHA. I am poor what I got the game gave me.

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