Monday, June 25, 2012

40 Days with Prophets, Seers and Revelators Challenge

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I have been accepting lots of challenges on other blogs lately and I happened to testify of it and the blessings I have been receiving from accepting these challenges that seemed to be there to help me learn new virtuous and good things.Its weird two weeks later after giving my testimony  of accepting challenges the Youth and the Bishop pass out this one. I guess this time its my time to share a challenge with everyone in Thanks to all the wonderful blessings  the other challenges brought to my ward and myself.

This is a challenge that was a given on a day the Youth gave the sacrament lesson. It was awesome because sacrament went completely over that day with lots of lessons the members in the church needed to hear. Even the usual crying babes were listening as a new face popped up to tell a story, read a message or  bare a testimony. We were given this challenge along with plastic bracelets with the word Remember on them. I think it was perfect since these bracelets are still a hit among that generation. They are to remind of Christ but  I also want it to remind me of the day the Youth gave there talks and Sacrament took up half  our time and Bishop cried and shared his story of his investigators visit to us. Poor investigator I hope he was not shy.We are grateful for that investigator though, its not often our Bishop has time to get out of church we are grateful that man listened to The Spirit and helped him and strengthened his faith.

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