Tuesday, November 20, 2012

CHRISTmas ornaments Symbolism

Did you know the original Christmas Ornaments(chrismons) held symbolism or remembrance about what you were celebrating?
I wanted a tree with ornaments on it that were not about Charlie Brown or Santa clause and his reindeer so I decided to look up old fashioned Ornaments the kind I know that were made by hand and found out a lot more about Symbolism and it was like an answer to prayer I never said. ( which is why I know its important when Heavenly Father has me stumble across pages that give me way more than what I was expecting and were just what I needed)
 Christmas lights/candles - The light of the spirit, prophets
 garlands, tinsel- The people reflecting the spirit giving rays of hope
candy canes- A sheperds staff, Some say the red and white represents repentance and blood.
Ship on open waters - represents the community of the Church.
Anchored Cross - a Christian cross shaped like an anchor, symbolizing the steadfast faithfulness of God.
Pomegranate - the fruit is the Church and the seeds are its members.
Seashell - (the water of) Baptism.
Trefoil or Triquetros - a three-pointed knot symbolic of the Trinity.
Star of David - Jesus Christ's Jewish heritage as a descendant of King David.
Butterfly - the immortality of the soul.
Phoenix - rebirth, resurrection and new life.
Alpha and Omega - These Greek letters, ? and O respectively, together are a reference to Jesus Christ's self-description in Revelation 22:13 "I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end." Though they can be found on a chrismon by themselves, they are often added to the ChiRho monogram.
Crown- shows royalty and power of Christ, Christ as the King of Kings.
Ichthys- also known as the fish symbol, a common symbol of the early Christian church under persecution, used to denote Christ.
Triangle- symbolic of the Trinity, like the trefoil.
Cornerstone- symbolic of Jesus Christ's ministry and life being the foundation of the Church, and the foundation of Christian principles and beliefs.
Cross- a generic Christian cross, a common symbol of Jesus' crucifixion and of salvation.
Dove- a white dove, symbolic of peace and as referenced in Christ's baptism.
Pearl- representative of the Bible containing precious "pearls of wisdom".
White rose- representative of the Nativity and of Virgin Mary.
Five-pointed star- the Epiphany of Jesus.
Bell- rings the good news that Jesus is going to be born soon(now from a movie: an angel is getting there wings)
Here were some other common Christmas Ornaments some are quite easy to see the symbolism if you have studied your scriptures and others you would have to have the spirit to tell you since it was hung in the honor of listening to him
Popcorn or cranberries, orange halves, and seed-covered suet cakes.Angels or star apples, nuts, dates, pretzels and paper flowers"  wafers  cookies  paper ornaments ,red flowers  airplanes, bicycles, space rockets, cosmonauts, and characters of Russian fairy tales( I have not heard Russian Fairy tales so have no way of knowing if these are parables or more like our Charlie Brown),Tinsel and several types of garland or ribbon chrismons.
One I thought of is Keys- Priesthood, homes and families
Now with Prophets talks and parables we have so many more in which we can use and point at to our children and share a lesson or story in which to keep the spirit close and in our homes.
So I would like for you to keep a prayer in your heart and try to see even more Symbols in Christmas and research it too for you will see there are tons more Symbols than just the ornaments that can be hung on your tree.

Wreath- Crown, the evergreen representing the victory of the eternal spirit over death

Activity for you: http://www.sundayschoolkids.com/activity-christmas/1-c-chrismons-kit-vol1-instru.htm

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