Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Planning a New Years Resolution

Keeping in mind in order to add something to your Resolution you have to take something away.
Like I want to add reading scriptures with my family I am gonna have to take away what they consider valuable TV or sleep time in order to make this happen.
In order to take something away let say eating Junk food you have to have a plan to put something there in order to not fall into the same habit that is comfortable and routine.

With that in mind its time to ask all the questions to make successful planning.

What were your goals last year?
 Did you achieve them?
 If not was there baby steps in place to reach it or was it just a huge leap?
Would you  or could you do it differently?
 If so how?
What was the best moments of your year?
what were your least enjoyable moments of the year and how to avoid them?

Keeping all that in mind What is your goal for this year and the baby steps to achieve it? A back up plan or goals if Life happens?

My goal Last year was not to be such a loner and to stop pushing people away, along with loose weight and exercise more. ( sums up to build my self-esteem)
I perceive I achieved one and not the other.
I did have baby steps for achieving the goals.
Being the first to smile and say hi. Stop looking at my feet and trying to avoid eye contact. Surround myself with people I feel safe with. Make an effort to stop by group invites even if I do not plan to stay. Prayer and research.
Go on a diet with splurging only on Fridays ( failed) Increase my vegetable intake.(satisfactory because I did baby step increase it and its still in progress) Exercise.( Epic Fail)
My other epic fail was dropping the ball on continuing the years prior goal of reading scriptures and every day and beginning and closing the day with a prayer. which I was successful on. I do not think I did it less than that year but I did not improve on it either.
My worst days was when I did not feel I achieved an accomplishment my best days were when I feel like I achieved many accomplishments and was blessed for it ( however I seemed to have many of these days and rewarded myself with food which of course could not wait till Friday)

1. Contine to read the scriptures everyday. When done with the church goal in order to not get bored research and index for talks or follow a manual of a class you do not attend for scripture studies.
2. Continue with self-help and self-esteem research and apply it when necessary. Keep smiling and remember its a gift if someone returns it.
3. Keep researching and applying your baby steps to your health and care of your body. My goal this year is to try to go Gluten-free and see if it helps with my conditions so I might be able to exercise if I wanted to.My Epic Goal is to get back to warrior preparedness level. Cut out sugars to avoid  other conditions that put my body under stress. continue my water increase intake. Research Healthy recipes to have handy when asked whats for dinner.
4. Do 1 compassionate service project or more a day.Spare time Service projects

far off goals of want but not an action plan of yet is....

  •  This is not a goal but a responsibility of continued goals in prior years: To continue to clean my home when I can using the F.L.Y method. Encourage my family to pick up after themselves as much as possible when I am not able to. Another reason why GF diet is a goal and hopefully an answer to prayers of more movability.
  • Read scriptures with family everyday. baby steps if it were to occur is pick a time for everyone to pick up the scriptures and for each of us to read 1 verse until it becomes a habit.
  • Writing a journal, drawing a picture or doodle or something on a page in a book everyday or online and printing it out.

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