Friday, December 21, 2012

New years Diet resolution frustation

Ok Here is my dilemma.....

I have found 3 very similiar diets. In partially following one of them I took care of several issues I was having with my body and eased the pain of hereditary disease.
Now a little back story... Awhile back I had made a friend who was allergy tested and found out she was allergic to gluten and some other foods. In the process of researching recipes and foods I could prepare for her and share with her I came across a lot of knowledge I knew to be true from my nutrition classes and scriptures. Mostly scriptures because I also stumbled across books with documented research and history of how much the United States covers up nutrition facts to keep farmers and doctors under there control. I read that several food sciences were scrapped when they found out they could not duplicate an ingredient and make it into a profitable pill.  Keep the doctors rich and the farmers poor scenario. You probably thinking I am one of those conspiracy nuts but I keep reading the same ideas and the same thing happen over and over again.
Have you ever noticed that when books are published there are different ones published for the United States? If you look for books in a different language you can only find a few with the excuses that country does not have very many writers or books. I have. I also did a tour in Germany where practicing medicine is actually practicing medicine and they were allowed to try new things and actually cure there patients. If you look up other countries there diets are different there over populated because there people are living longer except for the ones who made the switch to an american style diet.

Now back to my friend and My signs and symptoms that lead me to realize I need to do something different.
1. My child who has special needs was also diagnosed with allergies. All my babies had colic and all had a problem with what I call fake milk. In fact the child that did the best and was the happiest was the one I breast fed until a year old. They all have a lactose intollerance and they all had to have there diet changed because of ADHD and wavering signs of Autism on the small spectrum. I noticed HUGE changes in my children when I changed there diets.
2. Sugar was a poison! No wonder my mother cut sugar out of my diet as a kid. She only allowed honey in the house and we would go through buckets of it. I had big issues and missed days from uncontrollable aches and pains and migraines that made me double over and squeeze my head. my parents actually found me in the shop one day were I had put my head in a vice and tightened it and fell asleep there from the relief. My mom would have me drink a soda and poof an hour later my headaches and pains were gone. Soda was then allowed back into the house and I was allowed 1 soda a day. I worshipped Pepsi because it was the cure for everything. I sooo self medicated with it. Just the sound of one being cracked open still causes a response in me and according to my dad it did even as little little girl.
3. Because of my disease I have a lowered immunity so I am constantly sick..... Atleast that was my excuse till one day I noticed something but did not know what to do about it. My friend had given me all her flour and things that she was allergic to including a yeast starter. So to use up the mountains of flour she gave me I decided I was going to make bread. The first week my hands dried out significantly... ok that is sort of to be expected I did wash my hands a lot to be sanitary during this process.  The next week oops forgot to make the bread so I fed the batch like a double batch. The following week had time to make the bread. I made several loaves but while I was kneading the dough I realized my hands were on fire. They had turned cherry red and began to ache massively before long my fingers were like hotdogs and I had no knuckles. I realized I was having a reaction to the yeast which was not surprising because I have had several Candida issues growing up. I washed my hands real good but they still were on fire to the point for some reason I grabbed the shortening and rubbed them down  and soon they were back to normal. I threw out all of the starter and put the jar in the sink. The next day I went to wash the jar out and it began to happen again just mildly though.

Not very long I began to gain massive weight. I craved fattening foods. I was huge and bloated ( mostly bloat and swelling) I tried the 17day diet. I failed because it made me sick. In fact I even blogged about on here about it was a huge fail.
Recently I came across the Candida Diet. I had such a bad outbreak that Monistat was not working and I was raw and my stomach pushed out from bloat. I tried it half heartedly because I wanted the pain to go away. Thankfully this diet had huge warnings about the die off all the symptoms and everything it explained were stuff I had issues with all my life. I was massively constipated it had been weeks since a movement and I was worried about the die off might kill me because the Candida had gotten so bad. So I decided I would start the diet the day after I ate Chinese food. Chinese food and I ....well its not my friend. I also rubbed myself down with tea tree oil because my disease was flared up and I couldnt move my arms or my legs and my skin was on fire. I was drinking tons of water and had my aspirin ready. I was gonna do the diet till Friday give it 1 whole week even though it said it takes two. IT WAS AMAZING! I lost 7 pounds that night. The 2nd day my swelling stomach was gone but now I had a depressing over hang that itched where the skin touched.I did have the sickness and hugest craving for sugar so much worse than when I quit smoking. I knew it was bad when you feel sooo sick and the only thing you want to eat is chocolate and you dream and desire a soda. A cyst from my disease that had been bugging for over 2 years and was always in stages 3 or 4 healed by the 5th day with no swelling just a black and blue purple mark there. I was still not eating properly because my house was not properly stocked but I had more energy and was in less pain than I had in years! It was awesome so awesome when Friday came around I figured it was all in my head and I was gonna have what ever I wanted. Saturday came around I was still splurging and doing fine and Saturday night  came around I was in tears. It was bad. It was so bad it was too embarrassing to describe on here. It was so bad still Sunday that my husband told me I should stay home but I said Heavenly Father provided me with the information I needed to make my body better to get me out of pain. I am being humbled to realize this. I will go and feel every scrap of pain to remind me of  the gift he has given me.  I umm .. I actually only stayed for sacrament. then came home and slept for two days.
So here's the thing. I have been researching other symptoms my family has and want to include them in on the diet too. After figuring out all this for me I noticed things with my family members. I learned about Leaky gut and lactose intolerance.... My husband and children experience all the symptoms and its not that different from the 17 Day diet which in turn is not that different from the Candida diet. However the Leaky gut is suppose to be cured with Paleo diet. Its not against the scriptures but.... Its not with it either. I believe in a triangle the vegetables should be in the biggest part not the meat but the rest of it I would go along with. I have already researched pescitarian diets because Jesus ate fish and was not a vegetarian. Whats that he ate bread too you say? yes yes he did but bread back them was flat. flat like a pancake and guess what else they  used get this.... Grass seeds or flax. Wheat was not easily found nor heavily used until flour mills.
So I kind of want to use all these diets without following any of them because they are still basing there nutirtion ideas off the U.S.'s messed up nutrition charts that were rigged because I dairy farmer/beef saler was sitting on the board and had stuff slyly worded to not lie but not come right out with the truth so people could do there natural thing they always do and just assume what the truth was.
Wait I just wrote all this out and figured out my problem is not knowing what diet I want to do. My problem is I know what I want to do but my husband will not let me do the grocery shopping to make sure it is done correctly and in harmony with the scriptures and what I know and what I was taught through the spirit. My problem is his refusal to give up control of the grocery shopping and his reluctance to let me be his help-meet. which never bothered me before because I was so sick before. Hmm this is something new I need to grasp and he hates change with a major passion. Yah this is gonna be hard.

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