Wednesday, January 23, 2013

preparing for a virtual move

I do not know if I am actually moving or not.... Heres whats happening. In my calling I am the housing specialist. I give advice on finding funding projects and housing options in our area. While planning someone elses care and praying about there needs and pondering there options and outcomes a wierd thought popped into my head and the feeling of the spirit came very strongly that all I was doing was preparing me to be strong for when I needed to do all this work for myself
I immediately texted my husband and asked him if he knew something about us moving. He thinks I am just crazy. I asked him to pray about it and he has refused. So in order to not ignore the spirit and still get along with my husband I plan to do a virtual move.

Yesterday I started in my daughters room. she was very helpful and she believes me that the spirit wants us to be prepared.  we went through her closet and got rid of clothes and her bookcase. I even boxed up a few books in some shoe boxes we had that will still fit on the bookcase.
Today I wish to through her toys. she stopped playing with toys almost a year ago and none were on her christmas list. I think she just keeps them for sentiment or just incase a friend comes over. I am thinking we will bag them all and put them back into the toy box and see if she really misses any of them. I need to do her laundry as well and make sure any clothes that are too big are boxed and stored and any too small are given away.

I took a picture of the things in the bathroom closet to get my husband to tell me of his stuff what he has used and what he hasnt. He has yet to respond and last time I cleaned it out he had old old perfumes and aftershaves he never wore and refused to get rid of because he might use it someday. He still has not used them five years later. I know he will lie if I bring it up so I will not. Many of the things his daughter threw out two years ago and I do not think he even noticed.
My husband has always had absolute refusal on any changes made unless they are his idea and many of those ideas still sit around in boxes waiting to happen.

It saddens me to think that he has not yet asked the spirit for himself if he is moving because maybe he is not. However it would be very relieving to get away from his piles of stuff he never uses and refuses to get rid of. Its even spilled over into my areas and he will not let me move them or get rid of them because he says I will want them again some day.

I think I will get rid of them any ways. I am sick of being scared to clean my house in order to not make my husband angry or stewed. Everyone says to meet him halfway and thats what I have been trying to do for 7 years now.

I did not publish this right away because I began to get real angry while typing the original post. I have had to remove a lot of venting and frustration but left some in to get the points across this is not going to be an easy process and to hopefully see how others have successfully handled similar situations.
[  ] Create binder/folder for moving records (estimates, receipts, inventory lists, etc.) your plans and journal ideas for your virtual move.

I have checklists for each room I have made from organization sites like F.L.Y. lady and many others I have researched to figure out what best meets my needs and works for me. I did stop doing doing it for awhile because when I answered the door to let in the cleaning fairy it was Mother nature instead and she threw me for a loop for quite awhile trying to give me her cleaning gift. I am hoping once my bodies detoxifies and my harmones are in check and I catch back up to a regular sleep pattern I can get back to virtual moving in my home. It is necessary since I have gone gluten free and can not eat half the things in my kitchen now.

I also plan to do any rearranging during this time to feel like I am getting a fresh start and to know what it would be like to move the stuff I have still and to see if its really necessary that it be kept.

Estimate how much it would cost to move all your stuff
Get a temporary storage unit if you need to move stuff out of your way
Rearrangment plans need to keep in mind outlets and all connections like cable, water, phone, etc.
How would you move vehicles, pets, plants and other items?
Hold a garage sale, donate, sale or trash unnecessary items.
Gather record into your record keeping binder or area. School, Medical, Bills, prescriptions, ID, Legal documents, Etc.
Aquire packing or storing materials that can double as organization tools
Make home repairs and commit to doing them as if you were moving
Return all items that do not belong to you. Movies, library books, borrowed items or items left behind by visitors.
Gather up items you have lent out or forgot somewhere and need to pick up.
Use up foods and rotate them checking expiration dates.
Tune up your vehicle
Pay off your bills
Have your family participate and make plans for them to join in you in the virtual move with plans of a housewarming party.
Clean as you go and purge and reorganize
keep essential tools hand, Hammers, nails, tape, tape measure, screw driver, hang up picture frames. use soda can tops to fix unhangable frames

Defrost freezer and clean fridge
clean and sanitize bedding, mattress and frames. purchase new allergin covers if needed
Have a friend do a walk through taking pictures of your home for you to look at later. It will look different to you.
Clean windows screens, walls light switches and doors..... check door keys and get new locks for doors and windows or new keys made if needed
Verify all applainces work. conditioning, heating, ducts are clean etc and are in good condition.
Have snacks, water bottles and supplies for helpers you invite for this project.
Check your insurances, read them and understand them.
Check your Driver license expiration
Take photo inventory of your items
toss old phone books and make new phone lists and adress books with current information for friends and family
do an after photo of move in.
Have a rewarding house warming party

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