Monday, January 28, 2013

Organize carpools for church

So Compassionate service is now organizing carpools or finding rides for the investigators.

 Idea #1 was to have the missionaries introduce investigators to members of the church that live in there area. This not only gives the members a chance to help do missionary service but gives the investigator someone to ask questions on a more personal level and see our way of living.

Idea #2 to call inactive members or single members who have vehicles to give rides whether they are attending church or not or have someone stand outside taking notes who has extra seats in there vehicles so they can be called upon. ( yes our bishop really thinks that will work) However there are those new drivers with a brand new license who like to drive because its fun and fascinating :D

Idea #3 was to have a sign up sheet of willing individuals to give rides but we figured it would do just as well or worse than meal calendars or compassionate requests.

Idea #4 If someone is wanting to attend church bad enough they will find a way.They will ask there friends family beg and plead or borrow if they want something bad enough. They will ask strangers or aquaintances or even hitchhike if its wanted bad enough. Give a lesson on how to ask others for rides through enternet, phone, texts, etc, people should feel likes its there responsibility to get to church not someone else's to get them there.
Idea #5 ride requests on ward board. Carpool app?
post your ride needs on craigslist.

Really Good tips :

Share with others the blessings they will receive if not by making new friends but the rewards in heaven for making sure someone was able to follow through with a commandment. They will be the good Samaritan. Let people know that it is not a full time commitment. They can try it once and never do it again. They do not have to provide rides both ways if they do not want to either. There is no reason why they have to pick up there rides at there homes they can have a meeting place and a time.

People who do not drive in carpools should try to find someway to show favor to the people providing the rides. Too many times I seen people take advantage of the ride giver. They take there time, they stop saying Thank you, they start demanding time changes and extra seats as if they were obligated them or the person was there own personal chauffeur. Since this is for the Sabbath, Money is not encouraged but it could be set aside in an envelope in a Thank you card in advance. Gifts are nice to receive and makes the person feel like you appreciate that they went out of there way for you. Rides should never be obligated expectation unless its your kids... even then they should be taught to be thankful.

well that covers what I am thinking and the links of great ideas I have found. Now its time to implement them  and get the RS president on board. :)

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