Saturday, May 18, 2013

Teaching Technology ideas

I have been searching everywhere for  guidelines on teaching technology. The ones I did find I am thinking WOW my child knew those before she even got into school. They held up a triangle and my daughter is yelling that is the play button. The equal sign that was definitely the pause the sign. Since it seems like Technology is something that is only incorporated I decided to make a list of things to teach if was not and it was suppose to be an actual elementary class. I am not a techie but I am addicted to the internet and think its important for my daughter to know a bit more than just the basics.

Inventions and how they work or made. You can cover tons with this as long as you keep it to how it was made/parts and what it was used for and the improvement or benefit in society.
Tools are ancient Technology.
Levers- catapults, torque tools,
Wheels, gears, and joints ( everything round)

ok I was going to try to go in order but lets just bolt it out and fix it later

Movie making
Robotic Introduction
Robot activities
photoshop and wallpaper
Website building ( dreamweaver)
How a computer works
Computer dissection
How to use a mouse: this includes right and left click hold and middle button plus how to go into the computer and switch the function for left handers.
Word processing and Fonts
Google documents

Ack Just everything that comes with an download.

Online safety and Etiquette: CAPS MEANS ANGRY. Bully prevention and Reporting.The Internet Crime Complaint Center
Please take internet safety seriously. One of my children were cyberstalked and it ruined her psychologically. She and other children like her said YES they knew better but did it because they thought they would not get caught. These were good Christian kids whose parents found them trustworthy.

Online Permanence- If its posted it is considered public ware and can not be removed if someone else takes it without lots of work and there is no surety of its removal.
Tech Addiction- Signs and Symptoms
World Wide Web and Search Engines
screen printing- This is a safety tool and a time saver teach this or how to print in PDF and save to computer for documentation purposes.
How to print and clean wizards
Text and Messaging  Acronyms
The internals and usage of headphones and microphones.
Steam power- trains and engines
Combustion engines
computer history and advancement
Radios- FM, AM, HAM, CB's, Walkie Talkies
Solar power

Creativity and Innovation
Communication and collaboration
Research and information fluency
Critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making
Digital citizenship
Technology operation and concepts

For kindergarten and 1st grade I guess they want the kids to be able to identify parts of the computer and working knowledge of it. Monitor, tower, mouse, speakers, printer,

Great list of ideas from a tech teacher: This website has so much cool  Techie stuff I doubt you will need to go anywhere else she is probably linked to already.

here is the biggest tip for us moms who do not have the money to fork out the bucks for this info. Find a lesson plan that looks good. Write down its table of contents or the words it says it teaches and google them. Now you are obviously going to be doing a lot of work so do not do this if its going to stress you out, You need to figure out if you need the pre-existing set up for you or not.
 Here is what I learned about older kids you teach a kid to google or post questions and The computer skills they need to obtain they will find the instruction they need. You may need to assist to keep them from getting distracted though.

many just re-use the programs for educational or creativity purposes for their classes and it counts as a session. So every holiday make a card. have your kids post their work on the net. Link up with info they liked etc and they have done a lesson.
Oh yah and 18 lessons done every other week counts as a class and you will be doing it more or a little less than an educational facility that has to sign up for computer lab slot and wait for children to settle. Especially if you do any other online activities. Its considered Technology so do not forget to record your time. DVD, CD, E-Readers, and other devices your child learns to use are considered Technology classes.

Thats all for now will probably pop in later if I find any good stuff. :D

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