Monday, May 27, 2013

make chores less of a chore.

  • Play "Go Fish" with a basket of clean socks. Divide the socks among the players, leaving a pile to draw from. Each player, in turn, holds up a sock and asks another player if he has the mate. If not, the asking player must take a sock from the top of the draw pile. When finished, the player with the most pairs wins.
  • Appoint someone to be Inspector D. Clutter. Armed with a laundry basket and plastic police badge from the dress-up box, this person roams the house and puts stray belongings into clutter "jail" (the basket). To set an item free, its owner (Mom and Dad included!) must do a chore.

Instill Positive Reinforcement: The worst thing you can do is constantly criticize your children when they complete their chores. If you simply tell them they are doing the chore wrong, they won't have any desire to complete their chores in the future. Instead, always notice the parts of the chore they did well, and complement them on the task. If they ask, give them a few helpful pointers, to make it even better next time.

So good just need to post the link:

Do the laundry while pretending to be robots or characters from a favorite movie, or have a room-to-room singing contest where each child takes turns singing one song (loudly!) from the room he is cleaning up

Dancing with your mop

A game:

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