Saturday, November 29, 2014

Explorer Kibuishi, Kazu

What did all the stories have in common?
here is a hint

where any of them real?

Which was your favorite and why?

do you think the wax doll was bad or jelous? why?
what rule did she have to break in order to put the doll away?

In the 2nd story the boy is cleaning out his closet and has a stuffed animal that looks like a movie character what is the movie?  Bonus if you know what he is.

Who is the boy running from after putting an object on Ebuy?

what was his aunts problem that was favorable in the story but might not be in real life?
what happened to the vase and the object at his aunts house?

what happens in the labrynth?
he gets a small amount of treasure out of an object what was the treasure?
what were some of the things the horned man imagined them to be?
what do we find out the Horned man has a lot of?
Do you think the horned man is sharing his loot by filling the object for company?

what kept taking the butter?
what did Grandma trap it in?
what happened to the boy when he peeked inside to see it?
He made a deal with it to change back what was it?
the thing almost did not follow through with his word what was there when the boy brought up the promise to make him follow through?
what was the nice thing the boy did at the end?

who wanted to take revenge on thier fathers death the son or the daughter?
A magic object helps someone see spirits. what was the object?
Who saw the spirits?
What spirits did the person see?
in the end the son puts something in his coat. Do you think he is the wanderer or he was also visited by the wanderer? why?

Do you think the aliens granpa gave him a promotion because of his relation?
what was the question mark box?
he finds out why it was not computing in his files later after cleaning up a huge mess what does he find out the reason for the box/
He gives the box to someone else with another drawing on it. do you think it was nice or fair? Tell me why.

what was the shape of the alien ship that picks up the boy?
they show the boy the future. how far in the future dd they show him?
Will this affect anyone his family and friends anytime soon?
Do you think the boy really had the option to live with the aliens?
Do you think the boy made a wise a choice even though it was his dream to see space? why?

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