Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Case of the Lost Boy Hillestad Butler, Dori


Chapter 2: My Name is King
Chapter 3: Stranger Danger
Chapter 4: Nose to the Ground
Chapter 5: Jelly Donut and Plain Donut
Chapter 6: Smells Like a Kidnapping
Chapter 7: What Do I Know?
Chapter 8: Smells Scary
Chapter 9: How to Talk Human
Chapter 10: At the Top of the Moving Stairs

four lakes Minnesota
National Guard

How Does King escape The pound?
How did he get the name King?
Whats Kings new name?
how far is Connor's house from Kayla's?
Do you think Mouse was a good name for Kings friend? Why?
If you met mouse for the first time like Connor what would your reaction be?
Why would a scent disappear in the middle of the road?
Who are Jelly Donut and Plain Donut?
Was Connor At the park? what was the mix up?
Was the Scary guy a bad man after all?
The Cat solved the mystery what was the clues he helped with?
King has to use clues to speak to mom about what he figured out. what were they?
What were kings Feelings to finding the boy?
If King loves something to eat he immediately says what after he says he loves it?

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