Monday, April 13, 2015

FACS and History comparison for Elementary homeschooling

 This is wrote in 9 steps so each area has 4 weeks per area. Plus the fact that some sections can be worked on weekends and holidays and my note below for other requirements.

  • Food prep and management
calendar planning, cleaning journals, and recipes, 
refrigeration, freezing, canning, dehydration
  • interior design and organization
measuring graph of room and furniture and teach architec lines and symbols.
look at different organization ideas using baggies, boxes, small crates, bins
  • fire prevention, electricity and safety
candles,baking soda, Visit to fire station, Hydrants and extinguishers, bold house numbers, 911,  
 water/conductors and appliances,
 bear claw hold, potholders, oven door, cabinet doors, expiration dates and rotation

  • grains and leavening, 
yeast, friendship breads, quick breads, cookies or cake
  • Meat, Dairy, and Soups
meats, cheese, milks, eggs, 
  • casserole, crockpot, one pot dishes

  • sewing and crafting
felt ornaments
  • laundry and sanitation

  • Book goodies, holiday candies, and hospitality
     a little wiggle room for the books that go along with this and any ideas they have.
Jane Eayre Fryer

Constance Johnson
Caroline French Benton

Olive Hyde Foster
Helen Cowles LeCron
Note; Nutrition, reproduction, Immune system, Drugs and abuse, First aid and survival will be taught in Science and Health

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