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Science: Human Body

Ok the Headings of this is copied and pasted from So far it seems to be the most Covering curriculum. I then copied and pasted the other curriculum I found in the catagories.

August 4. 2015-I recently went to GuestHollow and found out its no longer free. I kick myself in the butt for not saving it PDF. SO I will be removing the links because I do not post paid stuff or use it.


 DNA and Genes


The Musculoskeletal System
Lesson 18: The Musculoskeletal System–An Overview
Lesson 19: Joints and Movements
Lesson 20: Muscle Size and Strength
Lesson 21: Exploring Muscle Fatigue
Lesson 22: The Body in Balance
Lesson 23: Final Assessment–Human Body Systems

 Brain and Nervous System

 Eyes, The Sense of Sight  Senses & Illusions
 Ears, Hearing, More About Senses

 Circulatory Systems
Lesson 9: Anchor Activity–Diseases and Health Careers
Lesson 12: Recipe for Energy–Cellular Respiration
Lesson 13: Releasing Energy from Food
Lesson 14: The Pumping Heart
Lesson 15: Factors Affecting Heart Rate
Lesson 16: The Heart Meets Resistance

The Respiratory  Lungs, The Sense of Smell

Lesson 10: Assessing Breathing Models

Lesson 11: How Much Air Can You Exhale?
Lesson 17: The Respiratory and Circulatory Systems–An Assessment

 Digestion, Teeth, The Sense of Taste and Elimination
Part 1: The Digestive System
Lesson 1: Human Body Systems–A Preassessment
Lesson 2: Moving Through the Digestive Tract
Lesson 3: Exploring Carbohydrates
Lesson 4: Digestion in the Mouth
Lesson 5: Digestion in the Stomach
Lesson 6: Diffusion and Active Transport
Lesson 7: Surface Area and Absorption
Lesson 8: The Digestive System–An Assessment


 Urinary System

 Endocrine System, Growth and Reproduction

 Skin, Nails, Hair and the Sense of Touch


 Diseases and Parasites

 Fighting Disease
 Drugs and Your Body

 First Aid and Survival

Curricula outlines

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