Monday, February 1, 2016

Its that time of year to start thinking about the next school year for homeschool moms

As you know I list what I am thinking about studying the next school year. It's never settled till the end.
This year I feel I need to focus on strengthening Gender roles. I have a daughter so sorry for you moms who have boys. However just remember for everything I post there usually near by is the same thing for opposite gender as well

My theme this coming year is Real Live Super Heroes

Here is my break down

Math: A consumable workbook Like Kumon math or some other workbook of sorts. I really loved the saxon math workbook and hope to find the next one.
I am also thinking about maybe going back to or IXL and we love Khan Academy

Language Arts:I have no idea what to do for language arts my daughter hates it with a passion so it changes every year. This is the reason why T4L is a big consideration.
LA reading: will be on women who are examples in history or little women. Thinking about the Christian Heroes series. THe lighthouse series of 10 little girls and women heroes in war and  any famous women who showed virtuous talents with decorum.
Science: to be honest I did not really want to study actual science this year. My daughter will hate me because it's her most favorite subject. I wanted to study women in science but if my contact teacher says uhh no my backup plan is Sally Ride Stem Science program(maybe).

Social studies: Here is the thing I really want to do women Heroes for history but I also found this awesome Geography thing by if I do highlights it's going to be a very expensive school year I will do earth science to tie into the geography.
So I might keep my women heroes strictly scriptural studies.
So Scripture study: Women in scriptures. I found some amazing books I want to order. since they are scriptural I guess I could buy them now since the school will not pay for them.
Tech: is blank but I am writing it in because Sally ride would cover it if I do it and hey extra grades can hurt you but it can help you too.
Foreign language: we might do this off on the side and not write it on our ILP because she has forgotten a lot of her spanish and I really need her to brush up on it.
P.E.: Yes we were actually thinking we would do this. Yoga poses My daughter showed great interest in Yoga before I need something that can be done in a small space and burn up her energy. Maybe it will help focus and calm her as well. If you know of any great Yoga videos please let us know. Thanks :)
Music: My daughter is actually taking piano lessons this year but I was going to write it in the ILP for next year so my daughter can see I am serious about it. I also want my piano teacher to know she is greatly appreciated.

IEP: the focus on that is not clear at the moment. Its becoming a hindrance instead of being helpful. Not sure if I am going to drop it or not.
now lets do the math:
Consumable workbook-15-20
Time 4 Learning- $240
Khan Academy- Free
LA/R= is out of pocket school will not pay for christian books- unless I find them used its going to be about $200
Sally Rides Stem Science- I think it was $300 I remember the pricing was ridiculous like world book and their science comic books they have on their website for free. They harassed me and my school advocate for a long while like its some marketing scam so it really has me holding back.Please share your experience with their product with me
Women heroes: would be my curriculum I build myself and would be the price of the reading books.
Highlights: Top Secret Adventures™ World Tour Bundle $253.95+S&H
Spanish: I basically have what we need so its Free
Yoga- lessons, book or video? this could vary significantly
Piano lessons: costs of books for now but may change.
IEP: Lots of paper pens pencils erasers and white out. Oh and Typing skills-free online.

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