Monday, October 24, 2016

The Dead - Memorialized

Remember your fathers.

When a friend found about a gift I had she posted a meme  that honestly quite shocked me. I wondered if she seriously felt that way about me or if she posted it out of care and concern. I decided to accept the latter because I love her and I hope she feels the same way about me. I was and still am concerned she feels like I am being betrayed or tricked, because she does not feel my gift is from God. The scriptures she used for her explanation were totally used out of context.

Ephesians 6: there was some scripture in there she believed that once someone dies the spirit no longer exists. However when I read the scripture making sure to back track to see the whole meaning in the scripture I got a different impression on what it meant.
What I understood is the people where misbehaving, and this made them stop obeying there parents and the trouble makers began to despise them. This also goes for their Heavenly parents too. The scripture says they forgot their fathers to never see their face again.
Kind of like when Moses was told he could only Gaze upon His Heavenly father's back when his people misbehaved because to see his face would cause him to die.
You can see as the people began to grow in their testimonies with Heavenly Father that they remember their fathers more and memorialize them. Keeping records of them in one way or another but the system gets better as more make it an importance.
What are some misunderstandings people have had about family history, the  dead and baptisms with the spirit of Elijah you have experienced?
what can we do to remember our Fathers' fathers?
Share them with your child and do some role play to prepare them for these chance encounters.

Memorializing the dead is not a new thing. It is done in many cultures for many years. We are told we can adopt traditions that do not interfere with getting close to heavenly fathers and his teachings. Many of the customs and traditions of Allhallowstide was saying prayers and requesting blessings for the dead. How do we do that with our religion?

 Here is some you may want to do to show the dead are not scary but special and important.
Skulls are something Heavenly father made to keep our bodies upright. They are natural and can be beautiful to some people because they meant someones lived a life in it. How would you draw love for someone who passed on one?
You may also want to give a lesson on the skeletal system at another time.

We can sometimes remember people by eating there favorite foods and discussing the memories we have of them while we do.

Candle or lamp lighting- It only takes a spark to get a fire going. It only takes a spark to get a fire glowing. And that's how it is with gods love. once you experience it. to everyone , everywhere, I want to pass it on.

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