Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Yes, Start with the kitchen sink you can not clean anything in your kitchen without it. When its all clean and the dishes are done Fill one side or big bowl with Super hot sudsy water. I always find more stuff that needs to be washed or I use it to dip my wrag in while wiping stuff down.

From the kitchen sink I work my way out of the counters wiping them down the stuff on the counters and putting stuff away Not scrubbing or cleaning heavy yet. You see I am super short and there is no step stool high enough for me to wipe down cabinets which means I will be standing on these counters to wipe grease finger prints and goody batter from my hubby's surprise baking.
 Now my cabinets have a space on the top of them and my once a holiday season and summer only items get stationed up there. If its real bad up there I will place the vacuum up on the counter and vacuum the top of the cabinets. If its real bad and greasy I will place both my shampooer and Fortunately I have a steamer and will steam while sucking up the moisture ( I lived in Apt once where this did not work and had to use simple green which I just add a little bit to the shampooer tank...Shhh don't tell as this could ruin the rubber sealers in your machine but I rinse mine real good afterwards.)
Put in a jar or bowl of hot water and set microwave for 5 minutes  and let sit till steamy and wipe down after spraying with your vinegar.
Sweep normally then I spray floors with a diluted cleaner depending on my mood that day.Then take my plastic broom and scrub all the sticky spots rinsing my broom in mop bucket. When scrubbed I mop normally Then rinse the mop and floor really well by mopping with just plain water.
Those are my tips for the kitchen now. The rest I think I do pretty normal like.

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