Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday is Bathroom cleaning

This is a genaric cleaning list I partially use but since then have added several items like, Clean ventaliation fan, wash shower curtain, and pickle mold or mildew.

The first thing I do when I go into my bathroom is move everything out of it I am person who cleans quickly not nicely.
I find my spray bottle of vinegar and douse everything with it, Especially the shower head. Its going to stink really bad so start inside and work your way to the door, flip on your fan and back out for a bit. This is going to pickle any mold or mildew spores in bathroom. While waiting for it to air I find either my plastic broom or a scrub brush ( preferable one on a stick)
Now I like the Flyladys motto of Soap is Soap. You know when you get to that bottom of that old shampoo bottle or you find out you do not like that shampoo- Do Not throw it out it cleans tubs and toilets most excellent, so does shaving cream and leaves a nice smell.
Rinse the dirt and mud from your plastic broom squeeze shampoo on both sides and begin smearing that soap all over your tub and walls. The vinegar earlier should of helped break down hard water but if not do not fear you can make a paste of  baking soda soda and use your trusty broom to smear it and spray with vinegar again.If that does not work you will need lemons cut them in half and rub hard water spots with a lemon till they are gone and rinse with water and towel, rubber banded on your broom to use a washing cloth.
When your tub and walls get the cleanest you can get them  and you are very sure they can not get any cleaner and they are dry, its time to take liquid wax to them. I use mop and glo but never use it on your floor. I do not do this every time I clean only enough to fill in any abrasions that have occurred over the years ( we rent so its pretty scratched up from priors)If you find a better product, PLEASE share.
Shower curtain
Now I have a clear plastic shower curtain, so I can not take the broom to it. I have thrown it in the tub and tried. Then one day I saw someone say they threw it in the wash machine with towels and it came out like new, and I tried it, sure enough, it did! So stop soaking that thing and just wash it.
Put back all items you store in the tub area. if your bathroom is as small as mine once you hang that curtain back up you will have 1/4 or more of your bathroom clean and done.
Now you probably squirted some of that shampoo in there already if not you can do so now UNLESS you have hard water and unfortunately you are going to need a bucket of water and poor it in the toilet till the water is gone so you can treat the hard water spots. Now if above treatments are not going to work on your toilet and CLR is not working I have been told  that a pumice stone ( the kind used on feet)works, but I have never tried it myself.
Scrub the inside with toilet brush the outside with your trusty plastic broom again. by dipping it in a mop bucket of your cleaning choice. The bristle get into nooks like under the water tank and the bottom where it is bolted to the floor ( mine gets really grungy there for some reason, "blahk") just wipe and rinse with cleaning towel or cloth the bottom you can get later with mop. Replace deco on back of toilet.
Now that there is no more chance of rinsing pee pee rags in the sink you can begin to clean it. Dont forget the handles and the area around the faucet and the over flow drainage area.
The drawers in my sink cabinet were pretty old and yucky and so was under my sink. I did not think the land lord would mind that I painted the inside of the cabinet with killz paint it looked so much nicer when it was done and I did not have to worry about my stuff getting dirty. The outside I did have to rub down with rubbing alcohol because it had some marker stains or lipstick and other stuff that was not washing off and that rubbing alcohol made it really faint. On the top of the sink someone had gotten finger nail polish and My husband about had a fit when I told him I was going to take finger nail polish remover to it. He said if it needed to be done to make sure it was NON-ACETONE. I know this is safe because I use it to remove ink from daughters plastic baby doll faces.I guess the other kind eats the plastic or something and never stops.
I use vinegar and water  and a squeegee on tough days because my daughter decided to kiss the mirror with lip gloss or color on the mirror I pull out the Windex and a paper towel or newspaper crumpled up and give it some elbow grease. Sometimes its best to wipe the mirror dry with a dry paper towel to get liquid repellent things off then use Windex. Rubbing alcohol will remove just about anything that Windex did not except for paint which I use a good old fashioned razor blade for scraping it off.
Believe it or not I remove as much of the hair I can by coming the brush with a comb or another brush and I gather up all the brushes combs and toothbrushes and run them through the dishwasher( along with bath toys). This Sanitizes them from all the toilet flushing with the lid up when my daughter forgets to put them back in there drawer. If you do not have a dishwasher soak hairbrushes and combs in bleach water over night and boil your toothrushes in pot  or jar of water from microwave
Ventalation fan

I have not done this yet and called my rental agency to see if this is something they are required to do. Its looks furry and scary.

Everything else I have no special way of cleaning except starting at the top and working my way down making sure I have a garbage bag close by for expired stuff and wrappers.

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