Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tuesday is Bedroom cleaning here

My daughter has some extreme allergies to animal dander and dust mites. So every Tuesday I am suppose to change her sheets and vacuum her bedroom floor. I say suppose to but have you ever seen a 1st grader with a 3rd grade reading ability and a love for books room? She also has ADHD so in order for her room to get clean you have to be in there with her getting nothing else done.Ok now this post is not on discipline. My family has tried giving me so many ideas on this and they just need to come over and try it for themselves because I will be honest I am not calm enough or do not have enough patience to do some of the things they tell me to try and they seem to forget if it was not a safety issue it would probably not bug me so bad and would work,but they do not stay up with her all night at the hospital as she is monitored how much oxygen she is getting while waiting for the benadryl to kick in.
So I clean my room and my daughters room two different ways. In my room I start with closet in my daughters room I start with the floor.
now when I finally get to my daughters closet I do it the same way as I do my own. All items are hung in my closet ROY G BIV Brown Black grey White- Coats, dresses,sweaters, then T-shirts and usually as many tank tops on one hanger as I can or under the shirt they are meant to go under. All my tops are hung.Things that are not precious to me (like special occasion dresses) that have not been worn over a year are put in the get rid of bag, unless of course it was something I loved that just re-appeared behind the dresser, bed or wash machines.
Laundry and Bedding
Now that most of my clothes are put away  and gone through, I strip the bed and pick up dirty clothes to have going in the wash while working on the rest room.
Since what ever is on the floor is still on the floor most likely does not have much value to you meaning it was not important enough for you put somewhere safe.Keeping that in mind grab your trusty broom and start sweeping everything in piles or on one side of the room. Then you can grab bins or baskets and sort through your piles, Garbage- give away- put away- If its been broken for over a year and you have not fixed it yet ITS GARBAGE. If you do not absolutely love it which most likely you do not since it was on the floor except for those few instances it gets covered up by something or you kids decided to play in your room, Give it away. Those things that you need or Adore put it in the put away bucket- Continue to use this method through out your entire room and house.
 sweep up little pieces of garbage so not clog your vacuum or use up a lot of your bag into a dustpan and throw away. Then vacuum the floor or mop. If its super clean time Shampoo the carpet.

The rest of the list I think I follow pretty common cleaning tactics.
Do not forget to remake your bed or you will be pretty grumpy when you realize you didn't later on in the night.

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