Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Grape Juice is better than wine

Now you may beg to differ and that is ok because I do not consume alcohol.

I was in the store once I think I must of been buying my dieting foods or something because I Remember the guy ringing out in front me telling me I should just have a glass wine for bed everyday it was very high in antioxidants .  I told him I did not drink alcohol beverages and that I assume grape Juice has the same amount antioxidants  He then argued that its a social drink. I am very proud of myself that I just raised my eyebrows at him and stayed quiet. I mean the cashier was already ringing up my items and this guy was really gonna argue that I should consume alcohol. I already figured if he was gonna push it I was gonna tell him "Look buddy, No matter what you say I am not going to change my mind. Its whats required of me so please go and leave me alone." He did not push it though in fact he looked rather embarrassed  I don't know if it was because he just realized he consumed a social drink every night before bed alone or what, but I am hoping it was because he realized if grape juice is just as good, his reasons were just not smart.
Anyways I did the research and there are so many many more foods that are more antioxident that alcoholic beverages including grape juice. So doctors who are prescribing it for that reason are lying to you. They also know the numbers of percentages of Alcoholism disease and it is very high. Do not take my word on it though do the research for yourself and see because that is the only way to truly believe it.

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