Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What Would Jesus DO?

I was saying that before it got copy righted or a big commercial thing. I was thrilled to see them become so huge on the market because it reminded me of when I was kid I would sit down and try to imagine if Jesus were in my shoes how would he handle the situation?

Most of the time my answer was Well he would of never been in this situation to begin with because he was perfect. However many of times I think it strengthened my connection with the Holy Spirit because it seemed to calm me and help me find answers.

The hardest one was admitting what you did. I actually imagined if Jesus had done something wrong he would of confessed up to it and apologized and try to make up for it somehow. he would not of been the type to wait until caught.
 I went and told my mom what I had done and it was the first time I was not beaten for my mistake. She was a little mad. I mean I did burn a big hole with the iron on the ironing board. She was mad I was ironing without her knowledge and was afraid I would get burned.  She was not mad about the burn it was a good thing too because not even a week later she burned through a shirt when answering the phone. She was so upset she had me finish the Ironing. Ironing was pretty much my chore from that point on.

Imagining what Jesus would do helped me so much in school. I always felt like I had friend on days I remembered to do this. It was hard doing what I thought he would do. I wanted to scream and yell them for the horrible things they were saying to me. I went home and studied verses to quote at them but I never did quote them.I just kept ignoring  them until they left me alone or  I got to practice turning the other cheek. Unfortunately for them mom taught me turn my cheek twice then it was self defense and protecting my body and my life. Jesus would go out the window on there 2nd swing. I guess because he loved them too he could not stick around.People found out I may be tiny but I was not going down without giving them something to think about. I never have figured out how to better handle this but its funny my best friends were people that originally tried to beat me up and failed.
Infact I can only think of a couple of fights it did not turn out that way and Jesus was not in my life at the time.
Thinking about WWJD is a the best thing in world!
Study the stories on him in scriptures so you can feel you know him and let the spirit guide you to make choices if he were step into your shoes and help you to be more like him.

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