Thursday, October 3, 2013

Webinar and history

My daughter and I participated in a webinar today for brain pop and did it on webex. It was so neat. I really enjoyed it. I would love to see a pac meeting done one of those for moms who can not get out.
Anyways it was a huge technology lesson for both of us.
We learned all the different things brain pop offers. Vocab, games, cc guidelines and lesson plans. Even writing your own quizzes if you have purchased an account.
Brainpops customer service is amazing.
So even though we were tons of tech savy smarter when this was done. I was like lets listen to some history cds because laptop was super hot and needed to cool.
We put in the audio and these things must act like bedtime stories. I swear this is the 2nd time I have tried to listen to this history story and fell into a deep sleep.
My daughter said she changed out the cd and needs to listen to disc 3 again. She actually asked to listen to 3 again.  Uh yah you can!
I fell asleep at the beginning of disc 2.
She was telling me what she remembered. I am thinking this is what 5 lessons she thinks she should know in one day? I was impressed with what she told me and I think she knows it if she was asked questions which would of happened if her mother had not read herself to sleep for so many years. Its like a switch.
Oh yah also when I awoke there was art work presented to me. Yes she had finger painted how much she loved me. :) it was actually very nice and is hanging up on the door. I did stress she needs to ask next time.  I do not see evidence of this art occurring so she must of put it away and cleaned up already or I have not come across it yet. Both are possible.

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