Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Oct 1st as promised

So I promised my daughter on Oct 1st we would play Halloween music and make silhouettes for the window.
All was well until I asked her to make some.
She just wants to do words. I let her make " Boo"  then she wanted to do hi which I said no to.
I gave her a bunch of options to try. She then asked me if she could do a tree with eyes.
Yes of course.
So she made her tree with eyes. Yeah. She is not happy with it but I told her its fine and hung it up in the window next to her boo.
We finally achieved some art with some music appreciation thanks to pandora and the halloween channels.
I guess I should go outside and see what are deco looks like and take a pic even if wr are not finished because the window looks bare.

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