Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Stomach ache but there was still progress-History

So of course. My daughters first official day of homeschooling and I end up having a stomach ache that kept me up the entire night.
My daughter did her scripture study by watching videos and then did her time 4 learning.  She told me she did her math in it but forgot to do LA stuff. I am not too worried because we seem to be covering that stuff anyways in her lit class. I still want her to show she knows it though.
This is a history week. It was more stuff on gods order. We already had a cleaning chart and decided to show the cycle of mosquitos of gods order. My daughter related other cycles she knows. Bees and pumpkin seeds. Somehow I got lost and forgot to tell her we can see cycles in history and use them to predict things. Hmm. Hopefully writing that down and I can bring that up tomorrow.

We did discussed visions as a way to predict the future though and read to her George Washington's prediction given to him by many Indian tribes Holy man, who was made there chief and rep. You really should read it. I cried but then again I was sick all night and I am very emotional.

We read two chapters in our Sotw book and did our lapbook. Can you believe it my daughter turned around and gave me a lesson too. She even knew what book to reference and showed me. I guess certain body parts went into certain jars. Its not mentioned in sotw but it was in one of her Egypt books.
 I printed out a coloring page of the jars and asked her to label them for me.
The liver was protected by the man-headed Imsety 
  • The lungs were protected by the baboon-headed Hapi
  • The stomach was protected by the jackal-headed Duamutef
  • The intestines were protected by the falcon-headed Qebehsenuef
  • http://www.historyembalmed.org/egyptian-mummies/canopic-jars.htm
    We also prepped parts of tomorrows Enoch lesson. That has me curious because when I did a search to see if I could find something fun, I found out the Jewish have a book of Enoch. Its mostly visions from what I noticed at a glance. I am curious.
    I spent the rest of the day getting repeatedly asked tons of questions that were answered before. Mostly about Independence day. Its her making up for lost attention.  If I just sit her on my lap or love on her she stops. All is well and we did not loose a day of teaching even though I still am not in tip top shape.

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