Monday, July 29, 2013

my favorite cleaning sites

These are my two favorite house organizers sites for everyday. Holiday list however is much longer and a whole different ballgame in my house. I have a holiday plan and two procrastinate holiday plans just in case life happens.<<< this is a purging system it takes about 6 months<<<< This is everything but can be overwhelming if you do not follow her babysteps. Its one new habit a month and building and it is not for the person who wants it done now. It also takes 6 months for results and habit building do not repeat till 1 year because it is a 12 step process.
I have my own process of making these two systems work together when I actually do it. I have many days of debilitating pain and slothfulness for fear of flare ups and a for real pack rat/hoarder who actually spirals if I purge too much at once. I recommend these for the homes that are embarrassed to have company come over or have family members that would have a hard time adjusting.
these require planners and lists so you can see your new habits and learn how to tweak them to work for your garbage days and family plans.
For anyone else I would recommend the merry maid system. Start an entry way start from the ceiling and work your way down counter clockwise around the house and the rooms with a basket of clean supplies and a basket to send items to other rooms and a garbage bag.
My experience: I have been a maid at a hotel. A nanny to 10 kids. U.S. Army boot camp and training for cooking and sanitation. I worked on 2 different bases for sanitation services and was employed by pizzahut to raise there sanitation grade which I successfully succeeded in 3 months time after training all there employees. I was two classes short to be hired by the state health department in sanitation and I have ran two kitchens as the head cook. I am always looking at cleaning tips and planners very rarely come across anything new when I do its not  more pleasant or safer.

What are your favorite cleaning sites or cleaning planners?

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