Monday, July 29, 2013

Fun friday *(BOOM)*

Today Anna has earned her free friday. She can do whatever she wants thats educational.
I think the too many choices is overwhelming her so this might not work.
Need to get some idea feed back will have to report what happens.

When asked for feedback it blew up in my face except for one good advice of have pre planned on a popsicle sticks or something they can lottery to overcome the overwhelmingness. To note the only reason why I feel that my question blew up in my face is a mom reminded me what I originally wanted to do but did not know till too late it was option and already made a plan for school and  spent money on it. That was that everyday should be free time and do child lead learning.

Our Free Friday Walk:

I tried it for a week. Its not going to work. my child is fine with reading and doing nothing but whine all day. without direction she did do nothing but whine about everything. She spent an entire day. I mean an entire day learning something that had already been taught to her ( units, tens, hundreds, in math )

This will not work with my child, however I did make sure she got bored with light switches before she could reach them by holding her there to flip them and she did not do it like other kids do when they can reach them. So who knows maybe she would eventually get bored with that too and move one but oh would it ever be such an extremely slow process.

Technology day at the library during our try out of free time week at least it fit tech criteria:

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