Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Freeday that fit with zoology

So I downloaded Balto last night. I was thinking oh my daughter will love it. She can read it and get some of the Alaska history requirements in at the same time.
It was a major fail.
First I know my childs reading ability is exceptional. This book is on the 3rd grade reading list for B.O.B. and says its a level 2 reader.
Antitoxen, serum, antidote, diphtheria plus a few more big words. I am greatful to find a challenge for her but it has very few pictures (unusual for an I can read book) she lost interest because she has heard the story.
So today I was super duper sick. Huge headache and could not find any medicine and was suppose to have tons of company over. Yep
So my daughter is like, yeah moms sick its a freeday.
So after company left and everyone checked thier vehicle's for Tylenol pr motrin. Yeah someone had some ibuprofen.  I played so sad that I hurt to bad to read my library book and that I might feel better if she read it to me. I had it on the kindle on my phone app and my device. We followed along with each other till chapter 3. My daughter lost all attention after that and I did not feel like trying to corral her in anymore.
We may try it again to see how it goes when I feel better and dont feel like my head and eye balls are going to turn into grenades.
Ooh we also printed out some cute pumpkin units but I am thinking it might of been a waste of paper.
We also watched some animal videos on discovery with flying squirrels and chipmunks prepping for winter. Oh we saw this rabbit type animal that had fangs and eats dead birds brains it stored in ice. Made bunnicula look like an angel and more plausible. Cute and scary.

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