Friday, June 28, 2013

Brighty of the Grand Canyon

Updated with a few new links we may read it in 2015-16 year for the 1800's study.

yah all these links I found in google really sucked and most wanted you to buy a book wrote years ago that is not downloadable for $11.00 then pay shipping too. There was no preview to the books to see if it was even worth it. I am sorry no can do. If anyone did purchase it though and enjoyed it please let me know.,%20Mule,%20or%20Boat.pdf
Yep ignore all them because all the good info I got from them is wrote in my google doc and posted here.
uh we thought of Eeyore for some reason so ta dah!

we are doing geology next year or may have dived further into that to expand it but if I were to do that now then she would be extremely board next year but I can bring it up next year as remember that story with the Donkey.......,%20Mule,%20or%20Boat.pdf

As i come up with more while reading I will be blogging about it. :) if finds any free lessons that have more stuff please share them with me. Thanks :)

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