Monday, September 23, 2013

Saturday history and foriegn languages

So Friday night and Saturday was a history day.
We watched Moses on youtube. My daughter fell asleep sometime after they recieved the 10 commandments but before they built the temple.
I wonder if this means we are finished with Egypt?
We tried to listen to story of the world on x box but it kept skipping chapters as though it were on mix or something.
She ended up turning it into an art tech lesson as she kept trying to see which moving pics made mom motion sick and which did not.

Later my security mail for my daughters account popped up saying the mic had been activated. I asked my daughter what mic? She was oh right there and pointed to holes next to the camera. She was all you told me about it. :) ooh she is listening.
So we went to mango languages and played around getting badges in spanish and pirate. :)
I had to listen to pirate till she went to bed. :)

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