Monday, September 23, 2013

History being continued


meso means between in Greek and potamia means water. I pointed out to my daughter that Potable means water is drinkable. She is also aware in Spanish Mesa means land, table or Flat area on hill.
just a little not to how we all connect even though we are so far apart. It really is a small world.

So my daughter and I discussed just going through History Until we finish it. She wants to do it like it were units. I just want to feel like we achieved a lot before December when we take the month off because I really feel like we have been slacking. I have been reading Homeschooling books that say that his happening your first year is normal. That your child is still learning more than what they would of in a classroom setting and the doubting process will end once you see your child is indeed meeting your goals. My problem is I made goals for a school year not for Christmas. So what I am seeing needs to be done by Christmas may be too much. I have 8 weeks to meet or do not meet it.

We hit a big rut when my daughter decided she was going to forget how to do lasts years math and could not refigure it out for anything. I had discussed it with my husband. I asked him should I panic or just be like... See she has an IEP? he said do not lower your standards. He said he talked to a homeschooler and there biggest mistake they saw other parents do was lower the standards to the point to where the children were not learning much of anything.
Well I do not know what he was trying to tell me but I did tell him. I do not lower my standards for my daughters special needs. I expect her to be as smart as the all the other kids. It may take us longer to get there but I am not going to skip something and claim oh its her special needs. I will claim them though if we do not finish everything I planned to by a certain date.

So today we finished lesson 21 in the history book. There are 35 lessons.
In Story of the World  we are on Chapter 8 ...sort of I think I said earlier why the sort of. We bought it for audio. It was missing disc 1 and disc 2 starts on 8 so we are like whoo hoo we can listen to it now. but the xbox skips parts. :( I hope it does not do that in any other music players because I would really like to see how listening to history works in the car. Actually now that I think about it would not work because I like to stop and verify she is listening or understood it. I like doing them both because we pick up on different things out of each of them. Our history is more  biblical and story of the world is history.
uhh I was going to make her do some T4L today but she is reading The Story of the World. Its chapters we have already read but this time when she reads it she will not forget as easy. So I am going to let her continue reading it instead.

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