Friday, September 20, 2013

Lots of reading and questions

My daughter and I love to read. We have been doing lots of it.
I had her do some reading from the mcguffey readers level 2. She loves the poetry and I love the lessons with morals.
We are currently working on solomon owl by Arthur Scott Bailey.
We are learning lots from it.
 Pullets are chickens less than a year old.
 She is learning about owls through solomon and his cousin simon screecher. We laughed real hard on the Halloween chapter. We were in the doctors office waiting room laughing.
I am glad we had the good book because the t.v. they had playing had the news reporting awful things.
I have been requesting her to do math on time4learning but when I check her work she has not been knocking out 3rd grade work. She has been doing 4th grade work. This is not bragging. You see she keeps doing all the ones she likes or knows how to do. We are not achieving goals by this. Pretty soon all that will be left are the ones she does not like and thinks are torture. I guess I could view it as we can find something else to teach those areas but I worry would that be spoiling and teaching her if you don't like it find something else and give up on what you have? This also is falling under not following instructions.
My computer died and my printer is not compatible with the laptop for some weird reason. I have been just wanting to print out math packets and be like here. That way she remembers why she originally loved T4L. That way we can carry them with us too.
It seems everyone is like ooh you homeschool your child so you are available for everything now.  Uuuh yah sort of but no.
I am getting sick of running off everywhere to do other things. I would like to feel accomplished in my home schooling tasks. Yes she is still learning but I want to learn with her too.
I am getting to a point to where if you are not scheduled with me already its not going to happen till after 5.
Including Saturdays!
If its not educational or an emergency/emotional distress we are not going and you can call a cab or a service. This last minute stuff is awful.
Ok whew now I just need to find a way to say that nicely.
I really wish I had all my files I had ready on my computer. It seems though everyone in my church is being challenged right now.  We go through waves like this. This one needs to break soon. I feel guilty when there is nothing I should be guilty of. Maybe the guilt is over my feelings on the situation I also feel angry and drained because it feels like it has messed with our goals.
I need to see what comes first education or compassionate service?
If I was being given time to prep for a school day away from home its one thing I just stopped doing that though because she can not work with distraction at all.
Cereal and everything in my house beckons to her to be more important so imagine outside the home.
Well that's all I can think of for now. We seem to be constantly researching stuff that is not on the learning plan. I am beginning to feel as though I will despise it. 
My husband says oh put in an amendment but I don't think he realizes if I don't want to write it I am sure the other people would get sick of reading it and filing it.
I don't know how long units last but so many I have just wanted to drop everything to do one and come back later. Is it considered extra stuff or what?
To be edited and fixed on a computer some day... maybe. Mobile posting.

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