Monday, September 2, 2013

update history

So been doing a bunch of crazy field trips and meetings. Shew I guess everyone in the homeschooling world actually waits to August to get things done. I want to start teaching my child already.

So here is an update.... She has been doing her Time4Learning and in the free time has been playing on the Brainpop apps on my phone. There educational but do not fit in with my IEP. There is ones on there that do but I am not going to restrain her to them. She is building interests for future lessons.

We downloaded a free science app from Even-Moore publishers. It said it was a learning game but to me it was more of a vocabulary flashcard type thing. A step up from a PowerPoint lesson. It is a great supplement. I got it because it said 3-4 and thought I could use it for next years lessons and let my daughter try it. Yep its super easy for her but again building interest.

 We went to the fair where there was an Egyptian exhibit. It would of been awesome but we were disappointed in the nature of some of the replicas. I was impressed with my daughter though. She went around telling people all about Egyptians and mummification process. It was nice to see some of the replicas though because you knew they tried to get them close. There were some items in there that did look real. I kept thinking why did the grave robbers leave that behind? Was it so common they did not see it valuable or too big or too obvious? the exhibit had huge pictures hung on the wall of the tomb and maps to where items were.

So so far we have played a board game used hieroglyphs . learned about the Nile. Several gods and some kings and Anna on her own learned about the queen and some other things in Africa surrounding Egypt. we covered Egyptian government and laws.

Today we covered more about Egyptians gods and how they looked like animals and the kings let cities fight over whose gods were better so they people were distracted from how he ruled.

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