Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Ok I have not stated this yet with this being a new blog and all, but my family own some pets. We own Two African Clawed Frogs ( which by the way are extremely cute and very spoiled.)We love these frogs so much we have tried breeding guppies ( which failed we think because our water is extremely soft or the tank continually crashed).we tried breeding worms which ended up to our Fruit fly manifestation. The fruit flies have ended up all over my house. I have been studying up on natural ways to get rid of them. I can not spray because of the Frogs and remaining guppies that are now pets too, even though they are ugly, no color, mosquito kind, but have great personalities, My favorite being "bubbles," a huge, round, egg laden one.

Here are the ideas that seem the best to me from all my fruit fly research.....
1. Clean and scrub kitchen using FLY LADY CONTROL JOURNAL or my own cleaning list for Kitchen
2. Fruit Fly traps using saran wrap and a container with Apple Cider Vinegar or a wine vinegar. Poke small hole in the plastic and I guess they get in somehow?? Or using a jar and same liquids make a cone with a piece of paper putting it in .
3.Boiling and spraying these ingrediants around the house.Basil, Cinnamon, Lemongrass, or lemon peel
4. Plugging in your vacuum or your hairdryer and chasing them around them house sucking them up for the pure satisfaction.
Of course there were many many other ideas but these one were the best for me.

Oh yah dont forget to store your bread in the fridge or the microwave and other foods they seem to attract to in the stove while in this process so they will go to your traps. :)

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