Saturday, October 22, 2011

Been busy and stuff

Well its been awhile since I posted. I do not really have an excuse. I just have been shopping. Having a PTA meeting. Having Church craft events. Church cooking events. Watching Hulu and playing games and keeping in touch on Facebook. I do not know where the time has gone. Oh and my husband started pinterest so I have been letting him have lots of computer time. I also been sick which I think might actually be constipation and dehydration, most likely lack of exercise and weight gain as well from eating tons of candy.
Today my church is having a Chili Brownie cook off. I am not looking forward to going because I have been suffering from a stomach ache anytime I eat something even slightly spicy. The other day on my Dragon talon (sushi) was very flavorful, had hardly any spice to it was soo good but still upset my tummy. This could also be because I needed more water too though. I know tonight I do not want chili.

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