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EEEK! Friend has Bed Bugs

So a Friend of mine has Bed bugs Promised i would research repellants for her since she is busy bagging clothes and bedding and throwing them outside and doing mass amounts of laundry.
NOTE: Natural ingredients break down quickly and need to be repeated frequently
Natural Cures for Bed Bugs
Bed bugs are one of the most resistant creatures to the many varied attempts to destroy their presence, making home and natural cures pretty slim. Bed bugs are known to outlive temperatures reaching 100 degrees for a short period of time and can survive being placed in the freezer. Additionally, they are known to live without eating for up to one year. In the earliest stages of an infestation, a homeowner may learn how to control their numbers by using some of the natural suggestions listed below:
a) Black Walnut:
The National Park Service suggests that using the leaf teas consisting of black walnut provide an astringent effect, as well as serves as a decent insecticide against bed bugs.
b) Herbal Approaches:
There is a range of natural cures that people have used to treat their bed bug problem with varying degrees of success. A few suggestions is to try include spraying lavender, thyme, tea tree, or eucalyptus on bed linens, clothes and in other locations where people sleep in the house.
c) Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth:
While the exact bed bug population is not solved, the number of insects has been known to decrease when using food-grade diatomaceous earth as a repellent for bed bugs.
d) Boric Acid:Which I have been told is 20 Mule Teem Borax
It is suggested to spread boric acid powder about the places where bed bugs choose to frequent, feed, and hide. This natural cure should never come in direct contact with a mattress or box spring. This remedy is often used to control the migration of bed bugs in a home.
e) Steam Treatment:
To eliminate bed bugs from mattresses and additional upholstered items, some pest control professionals will use stream to naturally treat a sleeping area. As it brings about limited effectiveness, this method has shown promise when involving less than an inch of penetration. Some people have purchased small steam cleaners to treat their bedding.
f) Clothes Dryer:
Placing infested linens within a clothes dryer and heating the items for more than 20 minutes is said to kill bed bugs.
g) Natural Heat:
In cities where the climate reaches extremely high temperatures, hanging linens in the sun will kill attached bed bugs who falter in the extreme heat of the sun.
h) Botanical Insecticides [5]:
Insecticides that contain natural pyrethrins are known to serve as a temporary natural cure, as the insects are repelled by this remedy and become ineffective for a short period of time. Unfortunately, natural pyrethrins quickly break down and are unable to provide the necessary bed-bug fighting power that lasts long enough to wipe out the entire population.

Herbalix Restoratives for body

Rubbing alcohol works very well. Kills them & eggs immediately when sprayed directly on them. Of course if there has not been time to kill all of them. Rubbing alcohol can be sprayed on underwear, bedding and in hair to help prevent attacks while sleeping.
Mainly the area within 5 feet of the bed is where they nest. So attack those areas heaviest and attack the smallest cracks in wood & under furniture also

baby powder”…It has silica in it. Siliac is a fossil (found in playground sand)cuts the little bedbugs in half like fiber glass.
lavender and thyme
Vasaline the legs of your bed or put legs in paper cups filled with mineral oil.
Try taking a max recommended dose of vitamin B-6 each day for a month

Here’s a novel sleeping defense: a mosquito net over the bed! If you tuck the long sides under your newly-heat-treated bedding, any marauders will likely end up on the outside of the fine netting, where you can see and destroy them in the morning!-
organic olive & clove oil combo
Also, since they are attracted to the carbon dioxide you exhale all night, try keeping a fan blowing on you at a medium speed to disperse the CO2. try sleeping with at least a low light on, and wearing a sleep mask; the bed bugs don’t like to come out in the light unless they are starving .

Even more detailed info here however it seems to repeat alot of what I already have.

If you find something else that works that is not mentioned, Please share and let us know. I hope something on here will be affordable enough for you and provide you relief
Where are the Bed Bugs- PDF
What is a Bed Bug- PDF

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