Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Dysgraphia and Visual/Spatial Problem research

  • Resists writing (after age 7)
  • Writing reversals
  • Math problems not lined up
  • Place value or reading clock difficult
  • Omits letters when spelling
  • Can't get thoughts on paper
  • Copying very labor intensive
  • Poor spacing on paper
  • Great stories orally, but writes bery little
  • Fine motor difficulties
Visual/Spatial Problem
  • Difficulty identifying left and right quickly
  • Difficulty learning to tie shoes
  • Fine motor problems
  • Difficulty skipping (can gallop, which is one-sided)
  • late learning how to go down stairs using alternating feet
  • Frequently this child has been referred for Occupational Therapy

Brain integration therapy

Called my pediatrician on this. He had never heard of it but he said from his education he could see how it could not be beneficial. :D So he was not discouraging to it. I was hoping he had more information but his Nurse who assists him really liked the sounds of it and decided to ask behavioral health to look into it and see if they could not help assist me into getting the info I need. I hope she follows through.

Anyways what I have gleaned so far time to copy my notes I have been taking on here.
prices were from google shopping and net browsing and most likely not accurate at all.
lecithin- naturally occurring in egg yolk, fish eggs, soybean oil, chicken, sheep brain, sunflower seed, cotton seed, rape seed
250 count at walmart for $7.88, 200 count at walgreens for 9.99
B-Complex- Walmart
Evening primrose oil- $5.98 at walmart
thyme- my spice rack and now add tons to soups and poultry dinners :D
Probiotics- I get these at fred meyers convenience
5HTP- 120c for 11.99 walgreens
colostrum- $10.99 at walgreens
cod liver oil
Omega 3- Walmart 200  for $6 or 400 for $10.88
Vitamin E- walmart 200c for $6 or 500c for $14.44
No carb diet- we are just doing GF because I already can not have gluten.

Youtube had some great videos I will not share them because it seems as soon as the videos get out to public they are removed. So please browse them yourself or check my channel for the ones I saved.

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