Tuesday, June 25, 2013

25th Christmas prep, craft, storage, money stash day

I learned to do this from a forum I tried to join. You see I normally start preparing for holidays in August. I get a planner all printed out. Recipes are picked and then nothing else gets done except making christmas cards that do not get sent. The christmas card not getting sent thing is not my doing. My husband will not do anything at all unless I spell things out for him how it will affect his life so getting him to buy stamps and ask his family for there address is like pulling teeth. I still have christmas cards on my computer desk from last year with names of people they go to on them. They live in town so he would not stamp them.
Anyways the purpose of my Alarm reminder every 24th to plan for today is to save money. Plan prep or stash.
Today I am teaching my daughter to craft. She wants to make a winter hat.
She is learning to knifty knit. We will see how long her patience lasts before her ADHD makes her loose interest. She has been taught how to do it though so at least I can say I achieved in teaching her how to do it. She has the capabilities of making a tube hat now at the age of 8. Well that is if someone else teaches her to finish it off so it does not unravel if I am not around to do it.
Hahah! Surprise your mom is blogging about you!

The project she is doing was a project of her fathers I unraveled. He had started it to prove how super easy it was. My daughter has already gotten as far as he did and she does not have the tool he did that he broke trying to caveman the yarn into position.
I now just need to break away to do my own christmassy thing. Hmm wonder what I should do. I have some pics of ornaments I want to replicate

but I did learn some new tree decorating skills that I found through pinterest (http://www.theyellowcapecod.com/2011/11/holiday-home-series-tips-decorate-your.html) that makes me think I need to curr and restock some ornaments or at least change them to make them work. Time to get to work and come back later to post some pics and links. My tree colors is red silver and gold. I have been working on trying to find Symbolism stuff to crochet white ornaments for my tree.

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